Magic Eight Roulette Betting Strategy Review (How to use & Results)

28 May 2020
Aaron Braund 28 May 2020
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The Magic Eight strategy works in a similar way to the Law of Thirds system, in that it’s based on a similar assumption. Read about it here. 
Magic 8 Strategy
A system that assumes that every 8 spins at least one number from the previous set of 8 will come up.

The Magic Eight strategy works in a similar way to the Law of Thirds system, in that it’s based on a similar assumption. 

Where the Law of Thirds assumes that out of 37 spins, around 24 of the total numbers on the wheel will come up, the Magic Eight method assumes that every 8 spins at least one number from the previous set of 8 will come up. Follow this short article to learn how to use this strategy:

What you will learn in this article:

  • How to use the Magic Eight strategy
  • Differences between this strategy and Law of Thirds
  • If the strategy works (spoilers, it "works" like any other roulette strategy)

How to use the Magic Eight Roulette strategy

Unlike the Law of Thirds, this systems requires you to bet on successively larger numbers of inside wagers, until you reach 8 numbers. At which point you start the cycle again. Here's a quick example:

Suppose the ball lands in number 3,9,14,26,22,5,11 and 33 in the last 8 spins. 

You would, as with the Law of Thirds system, take a couple of rounds out as a breather, and then bet 3. If you lose, you then bet on 3 and 9. Lose again, and you’ll bet on 3,9 and 14. This pattern is repeated until you bet on all 8 numbers, and if you still don’t win then it’s back to the beginning again.

It's important to note this is not an outside betting strategy like the Martingale, Labouchere, D’Alembert or Finbonacci.

Winning with the Magic Eight Strategy

If you want to make a decent variety of inside bets with varying odds, you’ll absolutely love this system as you’ll occasionally enjoy wins paying 35 to 1 and also enjoy more frequent success with odds of around 4 ½ to 1 upwards. 

You can, of course, customise the Magic Eight system to suit your own needs – in this case, by extending the sequence, though you’re only advised to push it as far as 11 numbers, and stick with 8 if possible as even 11 will significantly increase your risk factor. 

Generally speaking, the Magic Eight is considered to be a great idea if you don’t want to find yourself chasing losses with bigger bets as you simply keep playing the system and wait for it to yield results. 

The worst that can happen is you reach the end of the sequence with no wins, though it’s highly unlikely that that will happen after 3 or 4 consecutive rounds, and you also get the thrill of never quite knowing when those wins are going to come and what sort of odds you’re going to enjoy when you do.

Magic Eight Betting System on American Roulette

The Magic Eight has generally been more popular in the US rather than Europe or the Far East, though nobody knows why. You should not, though assume that it’s better to play this system on an American table. 

That would be a huge mistake, as American roulette tables always, without any exception whatsoever, offer lower value for money than European tables as they have two ‘zero’ slots rather than just the one that you’ll find on European tables.

American tables still offer 35 to 1 on an inside bet just like a European table, but the chances of the ball landing in green is literally twice as much, doubling the house edge. 

No roulette strategy can beat the house edge at the end of the day, otherwise casinos simply wouldn’t make any money and they wouldn’t be in business – so the larger that edge is, the more you’re disadvantaged. 

 You may even be told that American tables offer more chances to win when betting on green as there are twice as many green slots to bet on – again, this is a fallacy that you should ignore.

European Roulette Magic Eight

Whatever system you play, you’re always better off on a European table, preferably a French one if you’re using a system that’s designed for outside bets as French tables pay half of these bets back when the ball lands on green.

Generally speaking, the Magic Eight will suit you if you’re a medium risk player, happy to venture into the inside of the betting grid and are not frightened of making straight up bets. It’s really easy to pick up and a really interesting system to play.