Paroli Roulette Strategy Explained (Examples Included)

26 May 2020
Aaron Braund 26 May 2020
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We take a look at the Paroli Roulette strategy, how it works and if it's the best betting system for roulette.
Paroli Roulette Strategy
The Paroli is a popular betting system used in many gambling games including online roulette. It's a strategy that works on the belief that wins and losses happen in sequences. This is, of course, untrue, but the Paroli (also known as the Reverse Martingale) is a fun way to play. It also has the potential to pay out big prizes.

In this article, we will show you how the Paroli roulette strategy works - and two variations you can try.

How does the Paroli Betting System work?

The strategy is simple - each time you win, you double your bet. With each win, you continue to double your bet value. When you lose, you return your stake to its original level. This strategy achieves two things:

  • You capitalise on large winning streaks
  • The strategy can be applied to even-money betting positions

Despite the chances for huge payouts in the short term, the Paroli has several major flaws:

  • Bets can double up fast on a big winning streak
  • Online roulette tables have betting limits - meaning you can't double up infinitely
  • In the event of a loss, you will lose big

Paroli Roulette: Two versions to try

There are two ways to approach the Paroli roulette system. You can opt for a lower risk strategy (Half Paroli) - or go all in for a full version of the strategy.

Half Paroli: Low-Medium Risk

For this strategy, you are going to double up on bets - but only for a certain number of wins. This gives you a chance to stop, collect some winnings and start building up again. Here's how the strategy works:

For every bet you win, double it. When you have won three back to back roulette spins, return to your original bet level. If you lose, return to your original bet level.

Should you use it? The Half Paroli is the best way to approach this betting technique. You get to capitalise on those winning streaks. But you are also forced to stop and avoid a big loss. 

Full Paroli: High Risk

The Full Paroli is like playing a game of chicken - but you are blindfolded. Something is inevitably going to hit you - but you can't see where it is. Here's a summary of how the strategy works:

For every bet you win, double it. When you lose, return to your original bet level.

The problem with the Full Paroli is that you are 100% guaranteed to lose, eventually. With this in mind, you have to make the decision when you want to pull out. Too late - and you lose everything. Pull out early enough and you could land a solid win. One thing to note about this strategy is that your balance can go up quickly - so you will need a sizable bank roll.

Should you use it? We don't recommend using this roulette strategy. It's a dangerous way of playing - despite how lucrative it can be.