Roulette Tips

    Roulette Tips

    Find online roulette tips and learn more about how to play roulette at online casinos offering live dealer and virtual games.

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    Online Roulette Tips

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    Learn cutting edge tips and improve your roulette gameplay right here...

    A quick search online will reveal hundreds of well-meaning roulette tips but knowing which are right and which are wrong can be tricky. To be fair there is no definitive roulette guide because you are gambling on a game of chance, but there is certainly scope to have a lot of fun creating your strategy, and you should be able to make bets that win consistently rather than always losing. 

    Online roulette is a great game that gives players the chance to spend time at the gaming tables without having to leave the comfort of their front room. It is worth taking advantage of welcome bonuses when you are learning a new game, so be sure that you sign up to a casino that has a great reputation and offers new players a generous welcome bonus. To try the game for free you will find some no-deposit bonus payments on offer however these will be relatively low in value. 

    To get the bigger bonuses, you cannot already have take advantage of free play and will need to deposit to your new account. However, deposit-based bonuses are a great tip for roulette playing as you can use your free cash as bets on the roulette table and win even more back. When it comes to any game the wise old saying practice makes perfect is quite true, the more you play, the more you will understand and begin to spot betting patterns that tend to end in a win. 

    There are many different styles of roulette, so another great tip is to find a game you like and stick with it, switching formats can get confusing, and you could make errors when it comes to the small nuances in the rules. If you are looking for a version that is close to the real deal, then be sure to pick a live dealer format and consider European or French roulette as these are closer to the original. 

    How to Play Roulette Tips

    Keep caution on your side is another tip you could find useful. For example, if you come to the table with £100 and make some successful bids, ending up with £200, then you should take a moment to withdraw you £100 profit. 

    It is a false economy to end up playing to the point where you start to put your actual winning back into bets. This is a consideration for all gambling as there is a temptation to stretch to more than you can afford while being sure that the next game will be the winning game. It is more sensible to err on the side of caution. 

    There are many other how to play roulette tips out there, and it can be well worth reading them to see which apply for to you. Some people feel that the extra double zero slot on the American table makes this a flawed game from the start - there is no doubt it changes the odds, and not in your favour. Stick with the European or French versions and to be fair most casinos do offer both. 

    Once you have picked a version to learn, be sure to study the bet combinations and the payouts odds associated with them. Of course betting a red gives you a 50/50 chance of being right, but the amount you win will be considerably less than when you correctly predict a number; however, the odds are less. There is an element of needing to find the middle ground when it comes to placing your bets. You can put more than one chip onto the table, either in a stack on the same condition (up to the house maximum) or on more than one number or set of conditions. Outside bets are statistically more likely to win than inside bets, so these are the best place for a new player to start and will give you more playing time for that all-important practice. 

    Tips to Win Roulette Online

    The biggest tip to win roulette online is to study the statistics. Whether you are playing live dealer roulette or a virtual computer-generated graphics version, there should be statistics available from the casino specific to the table you are playing at. The statistics will give you an insight as they will feature such things as the last series of winning numbers from previous games and numbers that are considered hot or cold. 

    This information can be used to form a picture and allow you to make considered bets. It is much less likely that a single bid on a single number will win, of course, it can happen, but in some cases, statistics show that monitoring a specific number indicates that it fails to appear over 200 times in a row on the same wheel. This could see you waiting a long time for a win. It is better to consider bids that cover more than one number or set of conditions and accept that although you win less money, you are more likely to actually win. Building your winnings slowly but consistently gives a good return for your money. Finally, consider the casino you are betting with. 

    It can be frustrating to lose a lot of games, and this often sees players searching for new casinos to try again. Taking advantage of welcome bonuses is a popular trick however be sure that the casino you are looking at is really reputable or you could find that the bonus is not real or your money is not safe. Online cyber crimes are rife, and it should come as no surprises that the gambling industry is a common area to find dodgy dealings. 

    Be sure you can find the registration and ownership information for the casino clearly displayed and consider whether the welcome offer is likely to be genuine. There are plenty of big and well respected online casinos that you shouldn’t need to even consider the ones that do not look safe. Stick with names you know and check online recommendations.

    Roulette Tips FAQ

    What is the best tip for roulette?

    For consistent wins with minimal risk, stick to the outside of the betting table. The even money bets offer the best odds of winning.

    What are the best roulette tips for beginners?

    Familarise yourself with the roulette wheel and your various betting options. Play in a demo mode game to get a better understanding of the game.

    How to win at roulette?

    The best strategy for winning is to stick to the outside and place bets on even money positions. This includes red/black, odds/even and highs/lows.