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    Live Dealer Casinos

    Play with live roulette dealers at some of the world's top casinos. We explore the best live games & free roulette opportunities.

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    Live Roulette Games

    If you are looking for immersive live-action, then you won’t get any better than the live roulette casino. Many online casinos offer standard against the computer, electronic dealing which is ok, but not really that close to the real deal.

    Popular Live Roulette Variations

    Live Roulette Casino

    If you are looking for immersive live action, then you won’t get any better than the live roulette casino. Many online casinos offer standard against the computer, electronic dealing which is ok, but not really that close to the real deal.

    Live roulette online is different and creates the feel of being in a casino without needing to leave your chair. With real-time gameplay, your human host will work through the game as if you were sat in the casino with your fellow players. So, if you are drawn to online casinos because you love the atmosphere, the action and the banter, then you will enjoy playing roulette in a live online casino. Learning the rules of the game is easy, and casinos will help you to learn. There is plenty of scope for improving your game thus increasing your chances of winning. 

    Live Roulette Free

    If you want to try live roulette free, you have a great variety of options at your disposal. Firstly you will find that some casinos offer the chance to play for fun or place bets, obviously if you play for fun no money is involved. However, for many people that is not why they enjoy the thrill of live roulette. If you want to experience live play for free while having the chance to win big, then you will find many casinos offer a couple of incentives. 

    Most casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players, there will be conditions in place, but basically, you will receive an account credit. The amounts contributed will differ for each casino, but this gives you free play while depositing a smaller amount yourself. Welcome bonus amounts can be anything from £10 to £500 just be sure to check out the conditions as it usually only applies to new subscribers, and the first few deposits you make. Secondly, there is the chance to earn free spins with some games, which again varies on the house rules of each casino but is another excellent option to get some live roulette in for free, while still being able to win cash to use again. Keep in mind that you may have to use a roulette bonus code to trigger any special deals.

    Live Roulette Dealers

    So, what makes this live roulette experience so popular? Well, quite simply the fact that you could actually be in a casino. The live roulette dealers really are, well, live. The streaming of a professional dealer who carries out the game as if you were all sitting in the same room makes this the closest experience to the real thing you can get. This is not a computer simulation or graphics; the dealer is a real, experienced and professional dealer who will guide you and your fellow players through the game. 

    You will play in exactly the same way as you would at a bricks and mortar casino. You will be asked to place your bet, and the dealer will spin the wheel and release the ball in just the same way. They use a real casino standard roulette wheel, never computer simulation, so you can be sure that the game progresses in just the same way as any casino across the world. This offers players reassurance that the game is not being fixed or tampered with as you are literally watching the roulette live dealer as they work through the game. There is also chat functionality which gives you the ability to interact with your fellow players. 

    Live Roulette Games

    If you fancy giving live roulette games a try, but are not sure of what happens then here is a quick rundown of the rules. The roulette wheel contains the numbers 1-36 on alternately coloured red and black sections. There will be a single green 0 section or on American tables two 0 sections. The wheel is set in motion and the silver ball thrown into the moving wheel. Naturally, the aim of the game is to try and correctly predict where the ball will come to rest when the wheel stops spinning. 

    Clearly just predicting one number carries high odds; however, there are various bets you can make. Each of these bets come with different odds, therefore, changing the amount you can win. All bets have to be placed before the game begins, and you cannot change your mind during play. You can also make bets on the colour the ball will land on, whether the number will be odd or even, or whether the number will be higher or lower 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. You will note that there is a playing table which contains a flat copy of the numbers, this is where bets are placed and define the combinations of bets you make.

    Play Roulette Online Free Live

    It goes without saying that lots of people want to play roulette online free, live and why not. So, to get you started, our final hints come in the form of understanding the terminology. We already mentioned you could place various bets, well these bets come in three categories. 

    Inside Bets

    Inside bets are those you place on specific numbers, and here are a few examples. Place your chip over the number you want for a straight up bet. Straddle your chip over two numbers for a split bet, for a street bet, which covers the numbers on any row, places the chip at the end of the line. 

    Outside Bets

    Outside bets cover conditional bets, so if you are betting on odds or evens, red or black, etc. You can make ‘dozen’ and ‘column’ bets by correctly placing your chip at either of the three boxes marked ‘1st 12', ‘2nd 12’ or ‘3rd 12’ or in one of the ‘2 to 1’  boxes respectively. 

    Special Bets

    Finally, each casino will offer special bets which again, will vary depending on where you are playing. The details will be available before you bet, so you can decide whether to include these in your playing strategy. Sometimes it pays to learn the basics and improve and then incorporate house specials into your gameplay. 

    Live Roulette FAQ

    What is live roulette?

    Live roulette is a roulette game played with a real dealer. Filmed from a studio location and streamed to your device, this type of roulette offers an authentic experience. Live roulette can be played at hundreds of online casinos including the sites listed on this page.

    Can I claim a live roulette bonus?

    Yes, there are bonuses that can be used on live roulette games. Table game bonuses can usually be used on many categories, including live roulette.

    Can I play live roulette games free?

    Yes, you can play live roulette games for free with a no deposit bonus. However, you won't be able to access these games via a free mode as a demo option isn't offered for live casino games.

    Is live roulette rigged?

    No, it's not rigged. These games are tested and verified by the gambling commission to ensure they meet proper fairness standards.

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