Live Casino Roulette Strategy: Fast & Easy Returns

26 May 2020
Aaron Braund 26 May 2020
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Here we discuss live casino roulette strategies you can use. Improve your returns quick & easy using our proven strategies.
Live roulette game at the casino
Live dealer roulette offers a more immersive, true to life experience than online roulette games. To enhance your gameplay, you can optionally adopt a roulette strategy. This will give you a framework in which you can approach your betting. Your other option is to think about each bet individually, which takes away from the ambience.

In this article, we are going to share several live casino roulette strategies ranging from low risk to high risk. We will also share how effective strategies are in terms of improving winnings.

Best Strategies for Live Roulette

Low Risk Strategy: Martingale

This is one of the easiest strategies to execute in a live roulette game. All you have to do is double your bets each time you lose. You continue to double the bets until you hit a win. Once you hit a win, you resume your normal betting pattern. The issue with this strategy is that you will need a big balance in the event of multiple losses. 

Should you use this strategy? The Martingale is one of the more sustainable strategies. But your bets will increase at an alarming rate in the event of any losses. You also have to consider the table betting limit, which means you can't bet infinitely.

Medium Risk Strategy: Half Paroli

Unlike the Martingale, which doubles up on a loss - for the next two strategies, we are doubling on wins. This is the Reverse Martingale, otherwise known as Paroli. We are going to show you two versions of the Paroli. First, a safer variety we call the Half Paroli. 

For this version of the strategy, we are going to double up on every win up to a maximum of three times. When we hit that third win, we return to our original bet. If we lose, we also return to the original bet.

Should you use this strategy? You have the chance to win big using the Half Paroli. But you also have a chance to make a heavy loss on your third winning bet. At least the safety mechanism of three bets in a row is there. Unlike our next strategy...

High Risk: Full Paroli (Reverse Martingale)

This is the most high risk way of playing the Paroli. For this strategy, we double up on all wins - and return to the original bet level on a loss. This strategy has the potential to produce incredible payouts - but also devastating losses.

Should you use this strategy? It's a little too risky in our opinion. For starters, you are mathematically guaranteed to lose eventually on a red/black bet. While this can pay handsomely for a winning streak, it can also take all your winnings away with one bad result. We would stick with the Half Paroli

Disclaimer: Live roulette strategies should only be used for entertainment purposes. Strategies like the ones listed above are not 100% guaranteed to help you win - no strategy is. They are also not a get rich quick scheme - eventually, the house will win on these games. The trick with any game of roulette is to get out when you are on top.