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    We show you the best online roulette software for a top user experience. Evolution gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming roulette live dealer experiences compared and rated right here.

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    Online Roulette Software

    One of the crucial factors that define the success of an online casino is the quality of the gaming software they use. Glitches, outages and other interruptions are not going to impress site users, and they will migrate off to other sites for a better experience. 

    It is no coincidence that the highest-ranking online casinos take care to ensure they only partner with the best software providers. Depending on the games offered there can be more than one type of software to choose from and this is indeed true when it comes to online roulette software. 

    Companies are working hard to develop new and exciting features in their software, and of course to preserve stability and existing functionality. Gaming software forms an integral part of the casino experience and is just one part of the overall immersive experience that gives users the feeling of almost being at the casino in person. 

    Best Online Roulette Software

    On the other side of the table, as it were, there is now a myriad of information that comes with the software designed to help and support the punter in learning more about the game. So the quest to find the best online roulette software is on. 

    The purpose of these excellent information libraries is to help you learn how to master the game. So you will often find tutorials and tips on how the game works and what you can do to better your game. 

    Roulette is a popular online casino game because it is simple to learn the basics. So, if you have never played before you will be able to play straight away and enjoy the fun. 

    However, it is natural to want to improve your play, and this is where these useful online roulette software packages alongside your game come into play. It is like having your own personal coach to hand and gives you the ability to turn yourself from beginner to serious punter. Sometimes you will have to pay to access the tutorials and tips.

    Online Software Reviews

    So, how can you decide which of them could be the best for you? Online software reviews are one of the best tools to help you decide. On a review site, you will find other users giving honest opinions and letting other users know what to expect. 

    You will also find that all aspects of the software are reviewed by gaming sites themselves as they want to support their users and make sure they get the best tools on offer and understand the features of their casino. 

    Reading more than one review site is helpful, and you will usually find that a trend appears. Some people will only ever have bad to say, but overall by looking at more than one site will give you a more balanced view that would generally be positive, giving you confidence in the software or negative in nature, in which case you can steer clear. 

    The basics of the game remain the same whether you are playing live dealer roulette or computer-generated versions of the game, so the software will help you master the game. 

    Evolution Live Roulette

    Evolution Live Roulette is one of the biggest providers of live dealer streaming, which gives any online casino the chance to offer their players the best experience possible. Understanding the variety of the game, Evolution provides a range of game versions meaning that as a player you get a nice choice and can change tables during the course of the evening to suit yourself. 

    From European to USA versions of the game you will find the most polished performances and dealers who clearly have experience and understanding of the game. Their croupiers would be just as comfortable dealing at the tables of the biggest casinos in the world. 

    They are also one of the biggest multilingual providers so can cater for many languages. In order to add to the immersive nature of the game, the live stream features multiple camera angles including close-ups giving players the feeling they are in the room, and their technology works well on the desktop or within an app based portal giving it great functionality. 

    Microgaming Roulette

    Microgaming is another prominent software provider in the casino world, and the quality of Microgaming roulette is first class. Again you are looking at a wide range of games from American Roulette Gold which is quite a traditional version of the game to the newer and exciting trend of multi-wheel roulette which gives the users the chance to play at up to eight wheels at the same time. 

    While perhaps not one for those who prefer the original games, this is proving popular and is presented well with software that is robust and user-friendly. They offer casinos over one hundred and fifty games so you can have a great range of game choice under one roof if a casino is using their software. They operate a transparent reporting system so that alone ca see payout figures giving users confidence in their brand, and these figures can be found in reports with Prince Waterhouse. 

    NetEnt Roulette

    If you are looking for a great provider of roulette that offers some awesome tips, statistics and education then NetEnt roulette could be the best choice. As well as providing software to other online casinos they have their own casino where you can access all of their online games.

    They have a great range of roulette varieties on offer including European and French roulette games. Their software has been designed to work on desktop and mobile casino games and even within apps, making this a great choice for any online casino. 

    Having been in the industry since 1996, it is no surprise that NetEnt has an excellent reputation and are respected as one of the best. 

    Roulette Software: FAQs

    Can you cheat online roulette?

    No, you can't cheat a game of online roulette. In order to cheat a game, you would need to have access to the game files on your machine. But these files are stored server side, making it impossible to manipulate them. Roulette games also use RNG to produce random results - so there is no way to game the system.

    Do I have to download software to play roulette?

    No, you don't. Most online roulette games are now instant play. This means you can play them from you PC or mobile device browser window. You won't need any additional files to play these games, as the files are stored server side.

    Do I need to download software to play roulette on my phone?

    Online casinos can offer optional mobile apps - but you don't need to download these apps to play online roulette. Roulette games should also be available if you decide to play instant. Using these apps will make accessing the casino easier and more convenient.