Random Number Generation (RNG)

    Random Number Generation (RNG)

    Discover the random number generators RNG used in virtual roulette online casino tables. Learn how random they are and whether they can be beaten

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    RNG Online Roulette

    roulette rng explained
    RNG ensures that game results are random and fair for players

    Random number generators are widely used in online casinos and are the power behind many of the games you play. RNG online roulette is one such example, and this is the alternative to live dealer roulette. Known as virtual roulette the wheel and the betting mat appear as CGI or computer-generated images that have been engineered to have a realistic look. 

    Obviously when a real roulette wheel spins the momentum of the wheel eventually slows down and the ball lands in one segment. In random number-generated roulette the graphics are designed to show the wheel moving but without gravity to create the eventual stop a random number generator is responsible for coming up with the winning number. 

    Some people feel that this is a better way to play as the games tend to progress quicker than live dealer versions, while others feel that by nature random number generators are not impartial and will display bias and can easily be cheated by the programmers to ensure that the house has an unfair advantage. However, by nature, they are trustworthy. And in this short online roulette guide, we will show you why.

    Random Number Generation (RNG)

    A true random number generator is also known as a hardware generator. Basically, the generator is always creating a stream of random numbers on a truly random basis. People often consider that there is scope to fix these and that therefore they cannot be trusted, but a true random number generator cannot be fixed. 

    As soon as the wheel simulator is set in motion, it polls the random number generator and grabs the number it spits out at that precise moment. It then plays the spin starting faster and getting slower, for effect, while always intending to stop at the number it grabbed. While the programming is more complex the use of the genuine RNG gives the security. 

    The RNG will just work on a continuous loop using nothing more than the first and last number possibility. Over time one might argue that a pattern can be predicted, but this would be hard to spot, a software random number generator needs an algorithm or seed to learn to spew its random numbers, but this is not required by the hardware version, so the authenticity is greater. 

    Number generators tend to work constantly even if no one is playing, and these are tested for evidence of randomness. 

    Roulette RNG Algorithm

    In roulette, the generator used is often the software version which requires the seed and a roulette RNG algorithm. However, this does not mean that they are easy to cheat. 

    Yes, the programmers have fed this software or pseudo-random number generator a series of algorithms to help it determine where to grab the next number from, but these are complex and rely on the seed. It is not uncommon to be able to go online and find the formulas used, but that doesn’t mean they will of any use. 

    It means that when you play at an online casino and use a virtual table, you are being given an experience that is as close as possible to spinning the wheel and letting the fates decide. Some casinos will use the older style true random generator but obviously as technology moves forward things change. 

    With the pseudo generator shown to be as robust as the hardware versions, it is no surprise that it gets used more and more. Remember that statistically the house always has the edge due to the single or double zero that appears on the roulette wheel, and RNG does not offer any further advantage.  

    RNG Roulette

    If you want to test out RNG roulette, you could always play for fun at a games site that does not bet money. You will see that you get very similar results and that it does appear to be genuinely random. A big name casino is not going to bother wasting time rigging games, even with a random number generator, it is more than their reputation is worth. 

    It would, of course, be possible to rig the game to pick a random number that features no chips having been placed, however, it is not in the interest of the large establishments. Rigged roulette wheels are generally only found at a dodgy site where you really should not be playing anyway, so if you want to feel safe always spend your money at a well know, highly regarded casino. 

    There are loads to choose from, and you can quickly establish reputation. Big names like 888, BetWay and many others offer RNG games across all their tables, and you can be assured they would not entertain cheating on their behalf. This is already a game of chance weighted slightly in their favour, and if you play the games at the most basic level of say red or black, or odd or even, you will win some and lose some. 

    How to Beat Online Roulette RNG

    The issue of how to beat online roulette RNG rears its head all the time. In short, it is unlikely you can actually do this. It is no more predictable or fallible than the real wheel. The only way to play roulette is to use tested strategies or develop your own. 

    People have gone to considerable lengths to prove that the number generators are fallible, even creating roulette playing bots to sit and build huge banks of data on the numbers that win.  Because the random number generator relies on both an algorithm and a seed even these talented people with their robots have failed to bring down an RNG roulette wheel. 

    The best advice is to enjoy the game and use the same strategies as you would use anywhere, building information from previous games and looking at statistics for the game that you are playing including hot and cold numbers. You could spend thousands of hours and even more pounds trying to crack something that is actually totally random and therefore not predictable in any way, it is better to play the game because you enjoy it. 

    Roulette RNG FAQ

    Is RNG 100% random?

    RNG used in online roulette games is not 100% random - but it's the closest we can currently come to randomised results.

    Why is RNG used in roulette?

    A random number generator is used in a game of online roulette to reliably produce random results. This keeps games fair and fun for players.

    Can you manipulate RNG?

    No, it's not possible to change RNG - unless you had access to the code of the game and had the files stored on your machine.