Roulette Variations

    Roulette Variations

    What is the difference between American and European roulette? And what exactly is French roulette? We explore these questions and more as we look at different roulette games.

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    Roulette Variations Online

    American roulette wheel variation
    French Roulette, European Roulette - and of course American Roulette... there's plenty of choice!

    One of the reasons that roulette remains such a popular game is the sheer volume of roulette variations online. It is a nice easy game to learn (especially if you follow an online roulette guide) and the variety created by all the different versions means that it never loses its appeal. Online casinos are really popular because they offer an experience that is close to going to visit a casino building. There are two distinct ways of playing roulette online, a virtual computer-generated approach and live dealer roulette. 

    Both ways of playing are also split into different types of game as it has evolved over the years. It was originally a game that was born in France; however, it has now been taken all over the globe, and various changes have been made meaning there is a myriad of versions to keep things interesting. The most important thing to do is ensure that you are playing at an online casino that has a good reputation. 

    The big-name casinos are always the safest places to play, and a quick internet search will help you find reputable outlets. Hundreds of casinos are legitimate and will ensure that your gambling experience is safe and positive, and you will find that between them the variety and versions of roulette on offer are mind-blowing. So have a look around and learn more about the different types so you can find some of the best versions for you. 

    Types of Roulette Games

    As mentioned, roulette originated in France, so French roulette is usually found in most places. You will likely find European and American tables being played in most casinos. The most obvious difference between any games originating from Europe when compared to American versions is the green zero. American roulette wheels have two green slots, 0 and 00, whereas the European and French wheels have just the one. 

    Obviously, this changes the odds as there are more possible slots on an American table. These are the most common versions of the game however you will find lots of other variants, some will be specific to the casino, and some will be made by a particular casino software provider, and so you might see them at more than one online casino. 

    Some casinos offer mini roulette which as the name suggests is played on a smaller wheel which only features half the slots; just 13 make up the numbers including the green zero. Themed roulette wheels are popping up across the casinos, and these include Marvel and Playboy, which as their names suggest are themed accordingly. In Playboy roulette, your games are also hosted by a play bunny on a live stream. 

    Live Dealer Roulette

    Live dealer roulette is rapidly becoming the most popular version of the game. Instead of playing with computer generated graphics creating the roulette wheel a live dealer appears on a stream and plays the game with you in real time. These polished performances are considered to be the best way to play online casino games and are available not just on roulette tables but other games as well. 

    There are hundreds of games streaming all the time, so you do not have wait long to get started. The croupiers are highly experienced professionals, and they really help to create the atmosphere of a real casino. All the versions of the game are available in live dealer formats, and the betting mat appears as an animation so that you can move your chips as desired. Your host will tell you when to place your bets and when to stop betting. 

    Live dealers tend to wear the full evening dress wear typical of a casino, and the games have earned the reputation of being immersive as the interaction between dealer and player brings an element of reality to the game that you do not get with the computer-animated virtual games. It is not hard to see why they are considered immersive and the preferred playing format for many players. 

    The game is further enhanced by the use of camera angles which zoom in close to the wheel and then back out to the dealer at various different times to replicate a more natural viewing angle as one would have in the casino. More and more casinos are realising the value of the live dealer games and bringing them into their fold for their players. As newer versions of the game are developed, you will expect to find these being offered as live dealer games too.  

    Roulette Software

    There are many companies that offer roulette software to the industry, and these tend to be different from the online casinos that actually run the games. Some casinos have an exclusive arrangement with one software house, and you will find games with them that no one else offers. Others work with many different casinos so you will see the games in more than one location. 

    Some software houses specialise in the live dealer games, and this means that they have their own studios where the dealers work and the streams are filmed and broadcast. Other companies prefer to specialise in the computer-generated virtual games, and the graphics have improved dramatically over the years. All of the games are easy to understand and get involved with. 

    The virtual roulette games tend to progress a little quicker than the live dealer games, but of course, the live dealer tables have a more true to life feel, so it depends which appeals to you the most. Having a look around the casinos and finding a game you like is advisable and taking advantage of welcome bonuses is a great way to get a few different games for free. This means you can see if you like them and spend your actual money on playing versions that you enjoy. 

    Most casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players and are often subject to a cash deposit; however, you still get your free playing credit to use as you wish. 

    Roulette Variations FAQ

    How many variations of roulette are there?

    The main variations of roulette are the regional variants: European, American and French.

    What is the best variation of roulette to play?

    French Roulette is the best version of roulette due to the low house edge and player friendly La Partage rule.

    How many roulette games are there?

    There are hundreds of online roulette games available in many different formats. You will find live dealer games, mobile only tables and multi wheel games.

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