100 to 1 Roulette Strategy: Get optimal returns with this game guide

03 Jun 2020
Aaron Braund 03 Jun 2020
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100 to 1 Roulette Strategy - can you beat a roulette wheel with 100 pockets to bet on? Let's find out.
100 to 1 roulette
100 to 1 Roulette does away with the standard 37 slot roulette wheel, and gives you 100 straight-up numbers to bet on - plus 4 green slots as well.

This gives rise to a whole new set of betting options. And in this 100 to 1 roulette strategy guide - we'll explore the best ways to win. 

What you will learn in this article:

  • How to play 100/1 roulette - and win
  • The unique betting system in this game
  • Expected returns when using optimal strategy

What is 100 to 1 Roulette?

100 to 1 Roulette is an online roulette game with 100 betting pockets. You can still choose the usual outside bets of red/black, odd/even or hi (51-100) / lo (1-50). These options, as in a standard roulette game, pay evens. But the similarities between this grid and a standard grid end there.

Betting Grid in 100 to 1 Roulette

The 100 numbers are arranged on the grid as 5 sets of 20 numbers, and you can bet on a wide range of different combinations, with varying minimum and maximum bets – and, crucially, varying house edges as well.

Straight up bets, pairs, triples and quads each have a minimum bet of 10p and a maximum of up to £20.

Bet £10, win £1,000!

The aforementioned bets pay 100 to 1; 49 to 1; 32 to 1 and 24 to 1 respectively. Although 5 green slots may seem unfair, bear in mind that a regular European wheel has one green slot for just 36 numbers. 

Bets on 5, 10 15 or 20 numbers cost a minimum of £1 and pay 19 to 1; 9 to 1; 11 to 2 and 4 to 1, but thankfully there’s no need for you to bother figuring out the house edge (and therefore the best value) bets. 

Online casinos are obliged to publish them separately in the Help section in the game. These are read far too infrequently by players, but they’re your route to success and will tell you where best to place your bets. 

In the case of 100/1 Roulette, the straight up odds of 100 to 1 are in fact the best in the game, plain and simple - so this is where your cash should go. 

Start from just 10p a spin

Whilst that may seem like a long shot, it needn’t be. The beauty of this game is that you can bet on the straight up numbers at just 10p a shot, so covering exactly half the table will cost you £5, or you could go for perhaps 30 numbers for £3, to approximate a dozen bet.

That may seem like a lot to some players, but when you consider that a single game of blackjack will set you back at least £5, it doesn’t look so bad – and of course, the expected return is very favourable at 96.19%. 

As always, don't be distracted by the fancy green bets and be aware that sustainable moderate profits are much better than big wins in the long term. Be grateful to walk away with more than you went in with and all should go well.