Double Street Quad Roulette Strategy Explained (With Examples)

26 May 2020
Aaron Braund 26 May 2020
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Double Street Quad Roulette Strategy Explained with proven examples. Cover the wheel, win more often! We show you how to use this strategy - and the returns you can expect.
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Why use the Double Street Quad method?

For many players, an ideal roulette strategy is one which gives them the best of all worlds. This means plenty of numbers covered and a chance to win big – without spending too much on each spin. 

Whilst this may seem like an impossible balance to keep, it is in fact perfectly possible to achieve. And it's all thanks to the Double Street Quad method. In this article, we are going to show you how to use the strategy - and the results you can expect.

What you will learn

  • How to use the Double Street Quad Strategy
  • The principles on why it works
  • Why the occasional inside bet can produce big results

How to use the Double Street Quad Roulette Strategy

This method uses street and quad bets to spread your bets around and leaves you enough to make a single inside bet that will pay you a large sum when the ball inevitably lands in the number you’ve chosen.

It works by placing 2 chips each on 2 double street positions, 1 chip on a quad and another chip on a single inside bet.

Streets are the rows of 3 numbers going across the grid, like 1,2 and 3; 4,5 and 6 etc, and a chip placed at the end of one of them covers all 3 numbers. 

You can opt to put your chip between 2 streets to cover 6 numbers – which is very cost effective and can be a great way to get round the minimum bet rules in a casino.

With the Double Street Quad system you’ll select two separate group of 6 numbers – or double streets – and put 2 chips on each one.

That means you’ve got 12 numbers covered, but that means you can expect to lose around two thirds of the time. To counter this, a quad bet is made by putting one chip on the junction of 4 numbers, taking you to 16 numbers. 

Why the Double Street Quad Method Works

You now have a substantial number of the grid covered, without spending too much. This means you can expect to recoup most of your total bets over time and not much else. 

You’ll need something in place to pay out big-style once in a while to give you a shot at gaining a genuine advantage, and that’s where your single inside bet comes into play.

You now have 17 numbers covered fairly cheaply, but once in every 37 spins you can expect to enjoy odds of 35 to 1 – so for every decent-sized session you’ve always got a chance of reeling in a giant win. 

Alternatives to the Double Street Quad Strategy

There are other ways of covering half the table and adding on an inside bet: You could, for example, simply bet on red or black, and put down an inside bet using a number with the opposing colour. 

Most advanced roulette players may shy away from this, knowing the low payouts on offer by even money betting strategies. 

If you want to cover every angle on your games and play with some credibility you’ll need to be familiar with methods like the Double Street Quad. 

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