Zeros Only Roulette Strategy: How to use and results

15 Jan 2021
Robert Norman 15 Jan 2021
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Learn about the Zeros Only roulette strategy - a controversial strategy where you focus on the zero pockets.
Zeros Only Roulette Strategy
Zeros Only often comes under fire for it's validity but it does have its roots in common sense. 

The zero on a roulette wheel is a casino's money maker. It's in the houses interest that the ball lands there as much as possible. 

Therefore, there is a school of thought in live casino that skilled croupiers can land more zero results than normal - releasing the ball at the correct time and speed.

But is there any basis for this strategy? And how does Zeros only work?

Here we explore the validity of a Zeros Only roulette strategy.

How to use Zeros Only strategy

First of all, the strategy will only work in a live dealer casino. Second, you will want to scout for experienced croupiers - we will explain why in the next section.

The strategy itself simply involves betting on the zero and nothing else. You are, effectively, making a standard inside bet with odds of 35 to 1.

The zero is not a popular bet. Many players avoid it as they don’t even know you can bet on it, so it’s in the casino’s interest for the ball to land there. 

It also applies with even bets, as a standard European table will count a zero slot result as a losing spin for you – so again, they like it when the ball lands on green. 

Fact: Zero is a single number

Whilst all players are aware of the green slot, many fail to realise that it can be bet on, just like a single number. There’s a space for it on the betting grid, at the top of the layout and it pays odds of 35 to 1 as well. 

The reason so many players assume that you cannot bet on the zero at all is because everyone knows that this is how the casino makes money. If they were paying out on winning bets from this slot then they wouldn’t be in business.

That is of course wrong. The reason the casino makes profit is because the odds paid are still 35 to 1 on all numbers including the zero – but there are 37 slots. If there were no house edge then all single number wagers including the zero – otherwise known as straight up bets - would pay odds of 36 to 1.

It’s the payment of these slightly lower odds that give the casino their advantage, so you can quite safely bet on the zero just as though you were betting on any of the other 36 numbers.

How Zeros Only Works

It’s believed by many experienced players that croupiers are taught how to make the ball land on green more often than it ought to. In other words, betting on zero is more likely to result in a win than betting on the other single numbers. 

Obviously there’s a degree of cynicism involved here, but it’s very feasible to train a croupier to ensure that the ball lands in a certain part of the wheel. In the short term that may seem to have little effect, but long term it could dramatically alter your results. 

A highly-skilled croupier can ensure that they release the ball at the same speed every time, when the wheel is in the same position, and therefore make sure that the same ten or so slots come up that bit more often, including the zero. 

Zeros role in roulette

In case you’re new to the idea of zeros role in roulette, here’s a brief reminder of why they exist and how they work:

There are 36 numbers on a roulette wheel, which is why winning inside bets (i.e. bets made on a single number) pay at 35 to 1. That means a £1 bet will net £35 in winnings and you’ll have £36 in your bankroll. 

If you were to play on a wheel with just 36 numbers with those odds then you could expect to win one in every 36 spins, so your bankroll would remain unaffected. In the long term that would be unprofitable for the casino, though, so to create a house edge they leave the odds the same but add an additional green, ‘zero’ slot. 

On American tables there are actually two of these, a ‘zero’ and a ‘double zero’ slot. That doubles the house edge, which makes it very unwise to play these tables, especially online when there are always single zero European tables to play at.