No Lose Roulette Betting Systems: Based on Facts or Nonsense?

04 Jul 2022
Robert Norman 04 Jul 2022
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The no lose roulette system is one of the most prized pieces of information for a roulette player. Today, we look at whether it's possible to develop a no-lose system or complete nonsense.
No Lose Roulette Systems
No lose roulette betting systems are a type of strategy that promise to produce exceptional payouts with minimal losses. Many of these strategies are sold online - and are especially attractive for new players.

While the name suggests there is no damage to your bankroll, the strategies commonly involve certain calculated losses. These losses are countered by a boost in wagering in attempt to recoup the cost - and potentially make some profit.
One of the most well-known strategies is the one designed by Balvinder Sambhi, which is detailed in his book: "Breaking the Roulette Wheel". The gambler was previously banned from two casinos using his own developed strategy.

But is a no lose roulette strategy possible - or is it just an empty promise? Today, we look at the concept - and discover if it's legitimate or not.

Here's the summary of the article:

  • The truth behind the strategy- they actually do work (sort of)
  • The positives and dangers of using them
  • Whether you should use them or not

How does a no-lose betting system work?

To summarise, the no-lose system works on the idea that a positive outcome will eventually occur - even after many negative outcomes.

To illustrate this, we can use the Martingale. Mathematically, the Martingale is a 100% foolproof technique. Eventually, you will land your red or black bet - even after a miserable string of dead spins.

But what about the losses you accrue? Another feature is that the more you lose, the more you increase your bets. Using this method, you recoup the losses - and make a tiny profit. Of course, any no-loss strategy will assume you have deep pockets - so it's very geared towards high rollers and VIPs.

Each no lose system works similarly - you are banking on a favourable outcome to appear eventually. Designers of these strategies will make it more appealing with different patterns, sequences and gimmicks. But ultimately, they all work in the same way.

No Lose Betting System: Pros

The fact that you are guaranteed to "win" (more on this in a bit) is a pro in itself, but let's look at some other positives.

  • They are customisable - you can usually adapt them to your preferred style
  • You can use them on more than just roulette - they could also be applied to big money wheel games and even sports betting
  • Designed to recoup losses and make a profit - you will need a hefty bankroll for these strategies to work, but they are built so you make it all back
  • Usually simple to follow - and readily available online, some can also be purchased (please don't do this)

Should you buy any betting system? Absolutely not! The next section will describe how these tactics are based on mistaken conclusions and misinformation.

Why you shouldn't use the No Lose Roulette Strategy

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is - there really isn't a no lose system. The game of roulette is carefully designed in such a way that the house will eventually win if you play long enough. So what's the problem with these systems? There's several actually:

Issue #1: Roulette tables offline - or online have betting limits. 

While the Martingale is technically 100% foolproof assuming unlimited bankroll, the fact that tables have limits is the real roadblock. If you have a dismal stretch of negative results, you will no longer be able to increase your bets beyond the table limits. You will lose - and lose big time.

Problem #2: No lose systems work on a fairy tale myth

The myth is that a positive outcome will happen, even after many negative results - which simply isn't true. You can lose and lose and keep on losing for a long time. Eventually, you may land a win - but at what cost? Your bankroll will be in tatters.

Issue #3: The house always wins!

Every casino game is designed to beat you in the long run. The house edge of roulette doesn't change, no matter what strategy you use. Think about it this way - if there was a legitimate way to beat roulette - why would so many casinos offer it? After all, it's a business - and a loss-maker that bleeds money 100% of the time would be quickly removed.

The Truth about No Lose Systems

In summary, no-lose systems are just as flawed as every other betting strategy. They should only be used for fun - and not seen as a way to profiteer over the casino. However, it's sad that so many bad actors would market these strategies as a get rich quick scheme. That's why you should never buy a strategy online. Often, they are modified versions of existing betting systems - which are all readily available online.