GGPoker Rewards: Fish Buffet - Earn Up To 60% Cashback

25 Apr 2024
Jake McEvoy 25 Apr 2024
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  • Play casino games at GGPoker, such as roulette, to earn precious Fish Buffet Points.
  • You will rise through the ranks and unlock larger prizes the more points you earn.
  • Receive set weekly cashback if you move to platinum, or free cash spins every week.
  • About Fish Buffet
  • When Can I Play Fish Buffet?
  • How To Play Fish Buffet
  • Terms & Conditions
The Fish Buffet promo at GGPoker offers additional platinum benefits like free spins each week in addition to up to 60% cashback.

About Fish Buffet

GGPoker's Fish Buffet offer is like a VIP Club and may be quite advantageous for users, especially those who invest more time and money in the site's roulette games.

All clients who have registered are invited to take part, even if they only join at the beginning (Plankton). When you sign up for the website, use the GGPoker bonus code BIGBETS to get an additional generous welcome gift.

When Can I Play Fish Buffet?

Fish Buffet is constantly open, so you can start earning points by playing roulette, poker, and other casino games as soon as you join.

There are time constraints associated with each reward level that determine how many points you must earn in order to maintain your current rank or even advance to the next one for that week. As you go up the levels, these intervals go from being weekly to 15 days, monthly, and finally yearly.

How To Play Fish Buffet

All you have to do to take part in Fish Buffet at GGPoker is play your preferred casino games or play poker to get Fish Buffet Points (FP).

Your chances of staying in the current tier or moving up to the next are higher the more points you are able to earn throughout each designated time frame. Since the goals are predetermined, you are aware of what to strive for.

A player will get 100 FP for each dollar bet in rake and fees at the poker table, for example. Among these factors include the kind of game or tournament being played, the way players behave at the tables, and their deposit history, among others.

The games you choose to play at the casino will determine how many points you get for each stake.

Terms & Conditions

Make sure you read all of the promotional terms and conditions to understand the restrictions of this offer. The following is a list of some of the most important terms:

  • The website's rules apply before the promotion's terms do.
  • GGPoker has the right to modify or end this promotion at any time.
  • Any player on GGPoker who is thought to be involved in fraudulent activity might be the focus of an inquiry.
  • The payout is made immediately when the wheel stops on a cash prize.
  • All Fish Points that remain after a level is unlocked are carried over to the next one.
  • If a player doesn't get enough Fish Points in the given time, they will be demoted to the previous level.
  • If a player participates in a guaranteed prize pool event and the buy-ins are insufficient to satisfy the guarantee, Fish Buffet Points will be deducted in an amount proportionate to the overlay.