“Honeymoon For Newcomers” At GGPoker: Earn Up To $350 In Your First 30 Days

09 May 2024
Jake McEvoy 09 May 2024
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  • The “Honeymoon For Newcomers” promotion is available to all new GGPoker customers.
  • Complete as many tasks as you can within the first 30 days of having an account to get additional bonuses.
  • Complete all the tasks and you will have $350 added to your bonus balance in total.
  • About Honeymoon For Newcomers
  • When Can I Play Honeymoon For Newcomers?
  • How To Play Honeymoon For Newcomers
  • Terms & Conditions
Take advantage of GGPoker's "Honeymoon For Newcomers" promotion to boost your earnings by up to $350 in only 30 days after signing up.

About Honeymoon For Newcomers

Honeymoon For Newcomers is a promotional campaign at GGPoker that is available to all new members, offering them the chance to boost their account balance by as much as $350 within their first 30 days in exchange for completing challenges.

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When Can I Play Honeymoon For Newcomers?

This is an ongoing promotion that does not have its own end date as things stand, however, customers only have the first 30 days to make the most of it after they have created an account.

After your initial login, you'll have 30 days to use the "Start Honeymoon" option.
You will lose your opportunity to win free gifts from the Honeymoon campaign until you manually start it. Every day you miss is a loss in potential rewards.

How To Play Honeymoon For Newcomers

To earn up to $350 extra as part of the Honeymoon For Newcomers promotion at GGPoker, new customers are required to complete tasks throughout their first 30 days as a member.

The total value of all rewards may be $350, but they come in various forms, as shown below:

Successful Missions
32 x $0.50 AoF Sit&Go Ticket
5Global Millions$ Satellite $2.5 Ticket
77 x $0.50 AoF Sit&Go Ticket
10Omaholic Million$ Satellite $5 Ticket
23Global Million$ $50 Ticket
25Omaholic Bounty MILLION$ $54 Ticket

Terms & Conditions

There are a fair few promotional terms and conditions to be aware of with this promotion because so many scenarios are possible throughout the 30 days of challenges.

Here are some of the most prominent terms:

  • Only accounts established after 00:00 on January 1st, 2019 (PT) are eligible for this offer.
  • To get started, go to your Honeymoon page and click "Start Honeymoon." The day the player checks in for the first time will be considered their first day, regardless of the time of day.
  • Before 23:59:59 on their thirtieth day, eligible players must manually initiate the Honeymoon by selecting "Start Honeymoon."
  • For certain objectives, the completion of a tournament is a prerequisite to mark the task as completed.
  • Missions cannot be accomplished in such cases since cutting the pot is not seen as a victory.
  • The event will not be considered successfully completed if it concludes after the day's completion window ends at midnight UTC.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the primary pot is the sole tool available to finish missions.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, completing a mission just requires running the board once.
  • Only if the tournament concludes prior to the mission reset may missions pertaining to tournaments be completed.
  • Unless otherwise noted, missions cannot be accomplished by participating in any form of private tournament.
  • Unless otherwise stated, missions cannot be fulfilled by participating in satellite events.
  • For Hold'em and AoF Hold'em tasks, a minimum of one hole card must be used.
  • The player's account will get an immediate credit for the rewards they have claimed.
  • Tickets obtained via incentives have a one-week validity period.
  • In the case that foreseeable circumstances arise that might impede missions, the promoter retains complete and exclusive authority to declare "Bonus Days."
  • In the case that tasks are interfered with by unforeseen circumstances, the promoter has complete authority to award free completion of those objectives.