Stake Vs Eddie: Compete To Earn A Share Of $30,000

19 May 2024
Jake McEvoy 19 May 2024
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  • Stake Casino players can take part in the weekly Stake Vs Eddie competition.
  • Players are required to beat the target multiplier in the designated game.
  • The players who are able to beat the multiplier will share the $30,000 weekly prize pool.
  • About Stake Vs Eddie
  • When Can I Play Stake Vs Eddie?
  • How To Play Stake Vs Eddie
  • Terms & Conditions
Participating in the Stake Vs. Eddie campaign is a great way for Stake members to get access to the $30,000 weekly prize pool.

About Stake Vs Eddie

The ongoing Stake vs Eddie promotion in the casino section of Stake gives all players the chance to earn a portion of the $30,000 tournament prize pool every single week.

All players need to do is meet or beat the target multiplier set by Eddie in a specific game.

It’s important that you have an account registered with Stake if you want to take part, which you can establish using our exclusive Stake promo code, ROULETTEPRO, in order to unlock the best possible welcome bonus.

When Can I Play Stake Vs Eddie?

Stake Vs Eddie is an ongoing promotion at Stake, which means it has no scheduled end date and will be available for the foreseeable future.

Each round begins at 00:00 GMT on the Monday and ends at 23:59 GMT the following Sunday - just to start again the day after.

How To Play Stake Vs Eddie

Every week at Stake Casino, the ongoing "Stake vs. Eddie" promotion takes place, in which players try to achieve particular multipliers on a certain game to win a share of a $30,000 prize pool. Every week, the casino picks a game (it could be anything from slots to table games) and sets a goal multiplier that players need to beat.

When the competition starts, people start playing the chosen game during the set time period, trying to win enough to meet or beat Eddie's goal multiplier. During the battle, players can keep track of their progress and see how it compares to the goal multiplier.

All players who have beaten the goal number will get an equal share of the $30,000 prize pool at the end of the week. Then, it's time to do it all again the following Monday!

Terms & Conditions

Make sure you follow the rules if you expect to receive a prize from this Stake promotion:

  • In the very improbable case that you do not initially get your rewards, be sure to save your winning bet IDs.
  • The payout for prizes may take up to 48 hours. After 48 hours have elapsed, contact support if you still have not received a message with a discount link, even if you are eligible.
  • Bonus Buys are eligible for the offer, but keep in mind that the multiplier is tied to your bet amount, so it will be much smaller.
  • This offer also applies to increased bets or ante bets. But much as with the bonus purchases in this offer, the multiplier will be based on the total amount wagered.
  • Prizes will not be awarded to players that use multiple accounts.