James Bond Roulette Strategy

    Discover the James Bond roulette strategy and learn how it works inside. This expert guide will show you how the numbers work and how to play roulette like 007.

      James Bond Roulette Strategy
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    Without debate, the James Bond Roulette strategy is by far the coolest name of all betting systems. However, when playing real money roulette, there are no prizes for the name of a particular system. Simply put, we just want to know how effective it is. Certainly, James Bond always enjoyed plenty of success playing baccarat and poker, and in Casino Royale, 007 tried his luck at roulette using his own strategy.

    Did Bond manage to do what hundreds of mathematicians and roulette theorists for over 200 years have failed (to do) and crack this classic game? Continue reading to find out.

    James Bond Roulette Odds

    If you’re going to use this strategy, you need 20 betting units. We have seen some reviews claim that you must use £200 but that isn’t factually correct. Therefore, before jumping into how the James Bond roulette strategy works, we must first determine the value of 1 betting unit. This could be anything, ranging from £0.01 up to £10 (higher if the table limits allow). 

    For simplicity, we will use £1 as the base betting unit, so we need £20 for every round. It’s now time to place our bets. You must put:
    • £14 on High (19 – 36)
    • £5 on the Double Line/Street: numbers 13-14-15-16-17-18
    • £1 on zero (played on a European wheel)

    As you’ve probably worked out, all of the numbers of the roulette wheel with the exception of 1 through to 12 have been covered. That means 25 out of 37 slots which gives you 67.5% coverage of the table. 

    Before getting too excited, let’s assess the payouts to see if the James Bond roulette odds have actually swung the game to our advantage:

    No. ball lands on
    Units bet
    Win from table
    Stake returned
    Total win
    Profit / Loss
    19-36 £14 £14 £14 £28 + £8
    13 -18  £5 £25 £5 £30 + £10
    0 £1 £35 £1 £36 + £16
    01-Dec - - - - - £20

    James Bond Roulette System Review

    At first glance of this James Bond roulette system review, you may think that having 67.5% of the betting table covered gives you, the player, the upper-hand. And yes, it’s true you will definitely win more games than you lose over an extended period of play based on the laws of probability. 

    The snag, we’re sorry to say, is that all three potential wins (£8, £10 and £16) are smaller than the amount of one losing spin (£20). This results in the casino keeping its advantage. 

    Usually, the James Bond roulette strategy is a flat betting system. That means win or lose, you don’t change the amount you bet each round. However, in an attempt to overcome the one consistent of roulette - the house edge - players through the years have tried to combine the Bond system with one of the well-known negative progression stalwarts.

    The thinking is that with a 67.5% chance of winning, you can increase wager sizes a few times as you will hit a win sooner rather than later. Therefore, the classic Martingale in which you double down on losing rounds has been used. Yet, this requires a hefty bankroll when you are placing a minimum 20 betting units as it is. Both D’Alembert and Fibonacci are not as aggressive in their progression (compared to Martingale) but you still need a decent stack of chips to cover a poor run.

    After simulating the James Bond roulette strategy combined with these other betting systems, our overall assessment is that you are merely increasing the level of risk. Often making large bets for small profits. 

    James Bond Roulette Success Stories

    If you’re looking for the best James Bond roulette success stories, then buy Casino Royale on DVD. As with all roulette betting systems, this one comes up short in the long run. We even did a full James Bond strategy test to compare results.

    With that said, there is no denying that for short sessions, you can make a fast buck. It’s possible to hit 5 or even 10 wins in a row, which gives you a tidy profit in a very short space of time. The flip side is that you will encounter a few losing streaks. Despite having all the table covered barring the numbers 1 - 12, a run of losses is not out of the question and these hurt the pocket.

    Ultimately, it’s a fun strategy to use on occasions, as long as you appreciate its flaws. It is flexible in many ways. You can change the high numbers bet to the low numbers and move the double street wager up the table. Betting on zero is not compulsory if you fancy another empty number instead. Additionally, you can tinker with the positive and negative betting systems as well. Adjusting bet sizes when in profit is a sound method of play to ensure you walk away with more chips than you started with.

    Of course, you don’t have to dive straight in on real money tables. You can sign up with one of our recommended casinos and enjoy a wide range of free roulette games. These give you a clear picture of the table limits, so you can perfect your betting strategy at a real table but without risking your own funds. Then, when you’re ready you can attack either RNG or live dealer roulette games just like the world’s most famous secret agent.

    James Bond Roulette Strategy FAQ

    Can you win with the James Bond strategy?

    Over a prolonged period of play, you can expect a negative outcome on the effectiveness of the strategy, due to irregular three or four spin results.

    Why is it called the James Bond strategy?

    It is inspired by the Ian Fleming book "Casino Royale" - which sees bond employ various strategies in games of chance. 

    What is the best way to use the James Bond strategy?

    It's best to use the strategy in small bursts of play - and to avoid using it over long play sessions completely.