Online Roulette Cheats: Can you beat the wheel?

26 May 2020
Aaron Braund 26 May 2020
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Can you cheat the online roulette wheel? Systems, methods and tricks for cheating and beating the roulette wheel
Roulette Wheel Cheats
Systems, methods and tricks for cheating and beating the roulette wheel - do they work?

Throughout roulette's history, there have been countless tales of clever ideas that have beaten the casino, but none of them have any basis in real fact – at least not the legal methods, anyway. Here we explore and discuss if it is possible to realistically using online roulette cheats - and touch upon how cheats have been used in the past.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Popular cheats used in land based casinos
  • Using roulette strategies to alter results
  • And ultimately: is it possible to beat the house with roulette cheats?

Cheating in Land Based Roulette

Players in land casinos have been purported to have used their own breath to blow the ball into particular pockets, place coins under the wheel to tilt it and various other weird, wonderful and highly dubious techniques. 

You can’t do this online, but there are still players that believe a wheel can be beaten by legal means.

The theories they use generally involve assuming that wheels are imperfect, and have some sort of bias; that they are not perfectly weighted and will, by their very nature, tend to stop in a certain position more often than an unbiased wheel would. 

Despite this, the ball would need to stop circulating and drop in the same place every time for this to have any effect, so taking advantage of such a fault would be almost impossible - but there will always be believers, who will note down winning numbers and analyse them relentlessly looking for some sort of pattern.

Using strategies to cheat roulette

There are no doubt players online who think they can take this approach, too. This will only work on real wheels, not virtual wheels driven by random number generators. Beating these games can only be done illegally, altering the code of the game.

The other approach to ‘cheating’ the wheel is the very popular option of choosing a betting system, like the Martingale, Labouchere or Fibonacci. Bad actors will claim that these strategies can help you beat the casinos.

The reality is that no strategy can tip the odds in your favour and improve your expected return. 

They can help you manage your bankroll in line with a stated risk/reward objective, which is where they come in really handy.

Cheating Online Roulette: The Truth

Ultimately, the only way to truly ‘beat’ the wheel is look at where the wheel is when the ball is thrown, try and gauge where the ball will drop and then figure out where the wheel is likely to be when it hits the slots. 

In other words, it’s close to impossible. If this were achievable, players would be taking casinos to the cleaners regularly and they wouldn’t be offering live roulette at all – but you’re welcome to try. 

If you do want to attempt this, there are plenty of online programmes that will claim to teach you – at a price, of course. The overwhelming likelihood in this scenario is that you’ll end up out of pocket whilst the author of said programme laughs all the way to the bank.

Predicting where the roulette ball will land

You might stand more chance of guessing where the ball will land with an auto-roulette wheel: These have air jets that circulate round the ball track, presumably at a constant speed – which makes predictions slightly easier, although still difficult. 

As the ball is blown out of its landing slot each time, you’ll always know exactly where it started, from, and because there’s no croupier you can rest assured that the wheel spins at a constant rate, giving you a better chance. 

Once the ball lands it’ll jump around before settling into a slot, so betting on a whole segment of numbers is wise – you can use the call or ‘racetrack’ bets to do this.

Conclusion: The Best Way to Approach Roulette

As with any ‘get rich quick’ scheme, beating the roulette wheel is either impossible or very difficult. It’s always easier to simply earn the money by more conventional means, and do what any sensible roulette player does: Treat the game as an enjoyable way to spend the evening, a spot of light stress relief or perhaps some much-needed excitement. 

If you win, great – but don’t bet more than you can afford to lose and don’t expect to earn a living playing roulette or other table games against the casino. After all: They’re in business for a reason…