How to win Live Roulette (Strategies for Live Roulette Games)

26 May 2020
Aaron Braund 26 May 2020
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Live Roulette Strategies and tips to bring you better results at the tables. Make sure you get the most from your live roulette sessions with our top 5 tips.
Live ROulette Strategies in action
Make sure you get the most from your live roulette sessions with our top 5 tips 

If you opt to play live roulette games then you’re actually making life nice and simple for yourself. Although most live roulette software initially looks complicated with all its visual and sound options, the games themselves are very easy understand as they’re (nearly) always either European or French roulette

Once you’ve set your camera angle, sound options, chosen a room and nickname and signed in, you’ll need a few strategic tips to help you make the most of your time in the live room, so here are our top live roulette strategies.

What you will learn in this article:

  • Why side games are almost always a bad idea
  • The importance of a good internet connection
  • Setting yourself some solid expectations

1. Avoid side games and enjoy a chat instead

If you’re in a Playtech live room you’ll be offered up side games that you can play whilst you play roulette at the same time. These are nicely presented in a handy side panel, and you’ll be able to choose from some very attractive and accessible slots to keep you entertained between spins.

They can, however,  be very distracting and you’ll be unlikely to implement a proper roulette strategy whilst trying to do two things at once. It may suit the casino to distract you from your roulette, but you’re a paying customer looking for some enjoyable entertainment and the chance to win some money.

If you want entertainment between spins, why not chat with the croupier instead? It’s a lot less expensive and most are trained and selected for their friendly, approachable and fun attitude. 

In fact you'll find them much more engaging than a real life croupier in a land casino, so why not get to know them - you could acquire some new friends as well as enjoy some roulette!

2. Go for lower odds strategies if there’s a host

When playing live with a croupier, spins take longer than if you use auto or virtual roulette games as the dealer will be talking whilst bets are laid, welcoming new players and generally chatting to add more time. 

You’ll therefore get less games, so higher-risk inside bets – particularly straight up bets (i.e, those placed on one number) will take longer to yield you a result, and you may not have enough time. 

This is the time to go for outside bets like red/black, odd/even, high/low – or something with higher odds that’s not too high like dozens bets. If you do want to go inside the betting grid, strategies that cover lots of numbers like the James Bond or Five Quad strategy are a good idea.

3. Don’t Play American Roulette

There are many software providers that offer live American Roulette games. And there is some appeal to having a spin on these tables, simply due to their affinity with the glamorous lights of Las Vegas. This is the variety played in Nevada casinos after all.

But there is literally no reason to play these games live when you have European tables to choose from. The most important reason is that at a double zero roulette table, you are guaranteed to lose more thanks to that increased house edge.

4. Aim for less

With live roulette spins taking longer, you’ll find it harder to pull off any strategy as they generally require lots of spins to take effect. You’ll therefore need to lower your overall aspirational level of winnings for each session. 

Playing live is about enjoying a genuine casino experience rather than strictly about winning. If you were that bothered about breaking the bank at your casino (which is highly unlikely in the first place) you’d use an automated or virtual roulette game. 

Playing live is more akin to an enjoyable night out and it’s as much about the overall experience than making a pile of cash. Casinos in general recommend that you treat a gaming session as entertainment.
If you do happen to come out ahead at the end of the evening, think of it as a bonus. Look at it this way rather than thinking of roulette as a secondary source of income and you’ll enjoy a much happier and stress-free gaming career.

5. Get a good connection

Playing live requires a good connection: You need enough bandwidth to ensure the live, streamed service from your casino studio is able to make its way onto your screen, which can be quite a lot for a mobile device to cope with, so you’ll need the right type of connection and device to play live on your mobile, and decent broadband if you play at home that’s reliable and not prone to breaking down.

These are just a few pointers to help you on your way in the wonderful world of live online roulette. But above all, remember to avoid recklessness and enjoy yourself.