How to Win Roulette Tournaments (The Easy Way)

26 May 2020
Aaron Braund 26 May 2020
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How to win roulette tournaments 🔎 You need to know these essential strategies to succeed against other players 💰 Give yourself an edge with our strategies for online roulette tournaments
Roulette Tournament in Action
If you play online roulette regularly, you may start feeling the need to enter tournaments. 

These are competitions that let you play against your fellow gamblers rather than just playing against the casino. 

This consequently adds a whole new dimension to your game and puts you in the running for some great cash prizes in addition to your usual roulette winnings.

In this article, we show you tactics and essential strategies to help you win roulette tournaments.

What you will learn in this article:

  • How roulette tournaments tally up your scores
  • The crucial need for money management skills (and some examples) 
  • Some ways to change up your playing style in certain situations

Scoring points in a Roulette Tournament

Most online roulette tournaments follow a simple format, scoring you on your total cash wagers at the end of the tournament promotional period.

Occasionally you’ll come across tournaments that use a different formula to measure your success, with your roulette winnings taken into account rather than the amount you spend. 

Some tournaments even measure you on a percentage basis rather than on the amount you spend, so there are plenty of options.

Online Roulette Tournament Strategies

To make the most of your roulette career, here are our top tourney tips:

1. Keep a diary

Roulette tournaments are not as easy to find as slot or blackjack tourneys. They’re something you need to seek out, but the casinos that offer them tend to offer them fairly regularly. If you build up a diary and organise yourself you can form a strategy and be ready for each event and put in the best performance possible. 

2. You don’t have to be a high roller

Some tournaments will measure you on how much you win in relation to how much you spent, so the size of your bankroll won’t matter. 

Other tournaments will be dominated by high-spending players. But in situations where prizes are low, you don't have to worry about high rollers. These smaller prizes are less contested and give you a shot at earning a quick and easy pay out.

3. Set a budget & stick to it

Undisciplined tourney players will often end up spending more than they can afford to lose, chasing hundreds of pounds worth of prizes by wagering more than they ought to be. 

It’s always worth agreeing a budget with yourself before each tournament and sticking to it rigidly. It may seem painful, but self-discipline like this is necessary if you’re to approach tournaments in a serious manner.

If you get the red mist and feel tempted to make that extra bet you known you shouldn’t make, remind yourself that there will always be another tournament to enter - and congratulate yourself for being able to resist temptation. 

You don’t want to get caught up in a poker-style head to head situation with another player whose bankroll size is unknown. It’s a dangerous way to carry on, and ultimately unprofessional too.

4. Go mobile

If you’re serious about winning an online roulette tournament you’ll need to access games at the right time. If you suddenly detect that a tourney is there for the taking and want to take advantage, you’ll need to choose the right moment.

It could be when you’re at the bus stop or stuck on a train, so you’ll need access and that means getting yourself a decent tablet to play along with. Any decent-sized Android device should work, though iPads do seem to have the edge.

5. Vary your tactics 

With relatively few roulette tourneys on the circuit you’ll probably encounter the same set of players trying to win the bigger prizes. And if you use the same approach every time they’ll have a tactical advantage over you. 

Get round this by using different tactics at least once in a while: You can, for example, hold off playing in a tourney until the very end and then make lots of big bets for a last minute dash up the leaderboard. 

Alternatively you can drop out once in a while and let your opponents think your bankroll has dried up when really it hasn’t – or you can opt to use a different nickname so no-one knows anything about you at all. 

It’s all great fun and once you’ve tried a couple of roulette tournaments you’ll be hooked – and don’t forget you can still generate winnings from your actual games as well: It’s not just about winning tournament prizes.