Roulette Cheats and Tips that Work (RoulettePros Top 10)

05 Jun 2020
Aaron Braund 05 Jun 2020
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Use our roulette cheats and tips to get gain an advantage over other players and improve your returns to the max
Roulette Cheats
Roulette cheats don't work in the traditional sense of "cheating". There's no special code you can punch in guarantee a result. And there's no way to trick the RNG to giving you an easy win. 

What you will get with our 10 tips is proven ways to improve your returns:

In this article, you will learn:

  • That roulette history is in fact rather useless
  • Why side games can destroy your bankroll
  • Why French is the way to go

Roulette Cheats and Tips to Win

1. Avoid the Five Numbers bet

All bets, no matter how complex, will offer the same house edge at roulette – except the Five Numbers bet - also known as the dreaded Basket Bet. Many tables don’t even offer it, but if you see it give it a wide birth.

2. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying to beat the wheel

No-one can guess with any accuracy where the ball will land, but each dealer will – over time – develop an average level of force when they spin the wheel. They will also throw the ball in with an average speed. Count how many times it spins round the whole wheel and there will be an average to this as well. 

Once you get a good idea of these two variables you can start to guess where the ball will land, and you can then make call (racetrack) bets on particular sections of the wheel. This may be seem fruitless at first, but get used to doing it and you’ll see an improvement in your returns over time. 

Remember, live dealer roulette isn’t like a bricks and mortar casino. You can sit and watch individual dealers as long as you like without making a single bets, so why not take advantage?

3. Always use French tables

Many players think that French and European tables are the same. They aren’t. On a European table you’ll lose an outside bet if the ball lands in Green; on a French table you’ll get half your bet back – known as the La Partage rule. It cuts the house edge in half to 1.35% and make a huge amount of difference. 

4. NEVER play American tables

These wheels have two green slots and offer appalling odds. They’re used all over Vegas and no-one seems to mind, but you should. Casinos may describe them as ‘a challenge’ or ‘only for expert players’. Don’t be fooled: You’re going to lose more. And they’re in no way more complicated than European tables. 

5. Use auto-tables

Auto roulette wheels are real tables, but without a croupier to save on costs. They use a compressed air jet to send the ball round the wheel, and in our experience the speed of the wheel spin and the speed of the air jet are both pretty constant, making a long-term study of these tables potentially very lucrative. 

Try looking at how many turns the wheel makes and how many revolutions the ball makes and you’ll see what we mean. The rest is down to you…

6. Choose a good casino and stick with it

By this, we mean choose a reputable site that offers constant, ongoing bonuses. A casino with a high headline (first deposit) bonus may not offer much more afterwards. If you’re looking to play regularly and make big profits then you’ll want more bonuses, so pick a site that keeps them coming.

7. Don’t be distracted by side games

Playtech’s live casino rooms offer you side games. These are specially-designed slots that fit into a custom-built panel to the side of the wheel, and are billed as giving you extra excitement between roulette spins. They will also suck your bankroll dry and disturb your concentration. 

8. Always play alone

It may be anti-social, but playing on your own keeps your mind on the job. Land casinos love to distract players with glamourous hosts, guests and drinks but it’s all aimed at keeping you out of pocket. Play smart, go it alone.

9. Don’t waste time thinking up elaborate bonus abuse systems

Whatever you think up, it will have been tried before, and you’ll need so many people to execute any feasible plan that it won’t be worth the bother. 

10. Ignore the history

Most roulette games will show you a recent history of which numbers have come up, as though these are really any use to you. Don’t waste time or energy with these. If they meant anything then the casino would be telling you how to win. The only use these statistics have is to show that results are generally random.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roulette cheat?

A roulette cheat is a tip or strategy that gives you an edge in a game of roulette. Cheats are also perceived to be tricks or underhanded manipulations of software to produce more favourable results. However, there is no way to hack a roulette game in this manner without accessing game code - or having some inside access.

Do roulette cheats work?

Roulette cheats claiming to alter the game code or improve results are likely a scam and should be avoided. There are some roulette cheats that are simple and effective. For example, avoiding American Roulette will instantly improve your chances of returns.

Do casinos cheat at roulette?

Modern online casinos and establishments will not cheat you in a roulette game. If they did, there would be severe legal and licensing repurcussions.

Can you cheat in live dealer roulette?

No, there's no way to cheat a live dealer roulette game with special hacks or tracks. But you can use our simple tips above to achieve better results.