Mobile Roulette Strategies - Should you change up tactics on the go?

26 May 2020
Aaron Braund 26 May 2020
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Should you change up your mobile roulette strategies on the go? Learn how to play on the go right here.
Mobile Roulette Strategies
Mobile roulette strategies are virtually the same as existing strategies available online. They can alter and change the way you play in new and exciting ways. And while they won't help you win more from your Android or iOS gambling, they can keep your favourite games feeling fresh. 

In this article, we are going to show you mobile roulette strategies that can be used to improve your gameplay.

Roulette Strategies for Mobile

There are dozens of roulette strategies out there. And depending on your play style, you may prefer certain strategies over others. Here are some strategies that work for mobile devices:

  • Martingale: Each time you lose, you double your bet. It's easy to remember, works on even bets and its effective. But on a losing streak, your bets could rack up.

  • Reverse Martingale: The opposite, you double your bets on a win. Amazing payouts in the short term, but a guaranteed loss in the long term.

  • Red/Black Strategy: Easy to remember, easy to use. A classic strategy that's slow and steady on your bankroll.

  • D'Alembert: A more refined system than the Martingale. First, set your bet unit. Each time you lose, add another unit. If you win, remove a unit. With lower risks than other strategies, it's perfect for reserved roulette betting.

There is an important disclaimer with any of these strategies. No roulette strategy will help you win more from the casino. If there was a strategy that did achieve 100% results, casinos would just stop offering it. 

Mobile Roulette Strategy that Works

While roulette strategies may not work as intended, there are ways to tweak your roulette gameplay. Some of these can have a significant effect on your results.

  • Always play European Roulette over American Roulette - the former has a lower house edge of just 2.70% compared to 5.26%. If you can find a French Roulette table with La Partage, then even better - as the house odds will reduce to 1.35%.

  • High-risk betting pays off more than low-risk bets, but expect to lose more. While sticking to the outside may seem appealing, eventually you will lose out to the casino. But if you bet on a high number result, you may score a significant win. 

  • Cash-out when you are up. Especially if it's by a significant margin. If you keep playing, you may end up losing even more in the long term - and have a serious deficit.