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    Explore the finest live roulette games with the best dealers right here. We look at the cream of the crop from Evolution all the way to NetEnt.

    Live Roulette Games Online

    Online casinos have become one of the most popular alternatives to the real bricks and mortar casinos. They offer a convenience for people who do not have time to go out or prefer to stay home. The enjoyment of gameplay is on offer, and there is a vast choice of games on offer. Live roulette games online bring all the excitement and tension of the casino floor into your living room. 

    For some people, these games offer essential social interaction, and the fact that they can be accessed from home is a lifeline. The great thing about roulette is that it is a simple-to-follow game that can be played with very little focus on tactics in order to get used to the gameplay. It means you can enjoy the game from the start and then focus on learning more about the betting as you go, giving you an insight into tactics and clever betting. 

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    Roulette Games Live

    The play of a roulette game directly copies the format of a casino. Your croupier will appear onscreen sat at the gaming table just as if you were there too. Bets will be placed in the same way and once the game starts no bets can be added or changed. The roulette wheel will spin, and the ball will drop. As the ball comes to rest, you can see if you correctly predicted the final resting point. 

    Live roulette games online
    The only thing that can beat a real casino? Live roulette games!

    There are 36 numbered red and black slots and one (or two in American casinos) green slots. There are various ways in which you can place a bet, from a single number which is known as an inside bet, to bets which are based on the colour, odds or evens and other conditions. These are called outside bets. If you make an inside bet you do not just have to pick one number, you could place your chips on various combinations of numbers to increase your chances of winning. Again when it comes to outside bets there are variations on offer, but you can learn more about these as you play, the casino will have lots of information on the screen to help you. 

    Evolution Gaming Live Roulette

    Evolution Gaming offers online casinos the chance to have their live dealer from one of the best studios.  Evolution Gaming live roulette is popular because the dealers are professional and some of the best at live streaming. All casinos want to ensure the best experience for their punters so; naturally, they source the best live feeds. It is important that the dealer is experienced and able to guide players through the game in a fun and interactive personable way. A good dealer is able to keep up with everything that is going on and will have a really good understanding of the game. They will also need to be able to speak fluently in the language of the casino, as online live games happen all over the world. 

    Finding a reputable studio is vital to an online casino site which is why the team at Evolution Gaming are popular. They bring expertise and polish to the table which is perfect for setting yourself up as a reputable online casino. They offer a range of services from live dealers, to television dealers and more, and all of their croupiers are highly skilled and have a tremendous on-camera look that draws the punters in. 

    Live Roulette Games Free

    If you have never tried playing roulette before either in a real casino or a virtual one, then you will be pleased to learn that you can try live roulette games free. Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus which translates to free bets and gameplay. This gives you an excellent opportunity to try your hand at roulette online without risking as much money. You will have to make a qualifying deposit to get your free gameplay, and all casinos offer different welcome bonuses. So do check whether they include the roulette table in the bonus credits. 

    The offers are limited to new players but are invaluable if you would like to try some games but do not know which you will enjoy most. Be sure to check out the terms and conditions so you fully understand what you are signing up to but welcome bonuses are fantastic for new players. Minimum deposits usually apply, but again all this will be explained on the site when you sign up. All that remains for you to do is head over to the roulette table and join the live-action gameplay, having a cheeky bet or two on where you think the ball is going to land. 

    Immersive Roulette 

    One of the best things about live action games is the immersive nature. Immersive Roulette is a game offered by Evolution Gaming, and it is as close to real as you can get. The high-quality live dealer stream draws players into the game and makes them feel as if they were all sat in the same round with the croupier. The camera work is streamed in high definition, and there is a natural change of camera angle as the gameplay progresses. This adds to the authenticity of the experience and users can feel like they are no longer sat at home but have been transported into the casino to play live. 

    In order to help you learn and develop your tactics the game also features some really great in-depth game statistics to give you a real insider knowledge. You will be able to see the history for the winning numbers, and what numbers are considered hot or cold. This helps you build your own picture of what numbers and bet types might bring you the most significant success. All of these factors combine to make this one of the most immersive games of roulette in any of the online casinos; you will barely notice the time passing as you will be wholly absorbed in the game. Click here for the complete Immersive Roulette review.

    Live Roulette Games FAQ

    What is the best live roulette game?

    The best live roulette game is French Roulette - it features the lowest house edge of any roulette game.

    How to play live roulette?

    Visit a casino with live dealer games and click on the live roulette game of your choice. Once you load into the game, place your bets and await the results.

    Can I play live roulette in USA?

    Yes, live roulette is available in States where online gambling is legal.

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