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New Stake Slot: “Spark of Genius” by Play’n Go - Win Up To 10,000 Times Your Bet

24 May 2024
Jake McEvoy 24 May 2024
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  • “Spark of Genius” is a new slot game that is available to Stake customers.
  • Created by Play’n Go, it provides players with the opportunity to win up to 10,000 times their wagers.
  • Experience interesting slot features like “Abilities Charge”, “Tess Jačova's Innovations”, and “Maynard Woodrow’s Innovations”.
  • About Spark of Genius
  • When Can I Play Spark of Genius?
  • How To Play Spark of Genius
  • Terms & Conditions
For the chance to win up to 10,000 times your bet, play Play’n Go’s new “Spark of Genius” slot in the casino section of Stake.

About Spark of Genius

“Spark of Genius” is a new 6x6 slot game from Play’n Go. Each tile is a piece of a circuit and your aim is to complete the entire circuit with a spin of the reels. By doing so, you could multiply your bet by 10,000.

Want to give it a try? Create an account using our Stake promo code, “ROULETTEPRO”, and you will qualify for enough bonus cash to fully explore this new slot game for the first time.

When Can I Play Spark of Genius?

As soon as you have an account created, you can sign in and play “Spark of Genius” for real money whenever you like. You can also play for as long as you like since Stake is available to clients around the clock.

How To Play Spark of Genius

The powerful industrial tycoon Maynard Woodrow operates Manifest Energy, tightly controlling the market. But the genius of teenage inventor Tess Jačova, who presents her ground-breaking energy source, Resonant Energy, turns the tides of innovation. 

As the blocks descend, try to get as many victories as you can. Players may access Tess or Maynard's scientific schematics if they collect 15 or 25 winning symbols. These skills are essential for reaching the desired bonus round and realising your full potential.

Players may observe how three to seven skillfully rotating symbols with Gyrota open up new winning combinations. And that's just the start. With Tess's Dynamo, players will have complete control over up to six unique symbols that may link from any direction, giving them a significant advantage in incredible combat.

Woodrow is holding something special. Relay is a skill that allows players to win up to fifteen games. Release mayhem on the grid by destroying randomly chosen symbols to make way for fresh chances.

Terms & Conditions

Always stay in line with the terms and conditions of Stake while you play games like “Spark of Genius” in the casino section. If you don’t you could be disqualified from promotions or have your account suspended.