Mini Roulette Review

Mini Roulette is a virtual roulette game developed by Playtech. In this game, you play on a European Roulette style wheel 1/3 the size..

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Mini Roulette Review

Mini Roulette is a virtual roulette game developed by Playtech. Imagine a European Roulette wheel 1/3 the size of a traditional wheel. Instead of the 37 pockets of a Euro wheel or the 38 pockets of an American game - this miniature wheel only has 13 pockets. This immediately means that straight up number bets have a better chance of winning. In fact, your single number chances triple on this wheel.

Mini Roulette
You have a much higher chance for a single number win on Mini Roulette

If you find standard roulette tables to be cluttered - or want to focus on a single number betting style with less risk, then this table is a good option. However, this table could be less appealing to outside betting enthusiasts due to slightly decreased odds.

How to play Mini Roulette

The best way to summarise is that it's European Roulette on a much reduced scale. The selling point for this game is there are less numbers - but bigger winning opportunities. But these winning opportunities are really only going to affect single number players. Outside bettors can get a slightly better deal on other tables.

On a normal sized European wheel table, you can expect a single number to pay at a ratio of 35:1. But on the Mini Roulette table, you will only get 11:1. You may be thinking to yourself: why even bother with this table then? It's not just the ratios that are impacted by the wheel design. The odds change too.

Mini Roulette Strategy

Let's take a standard sized European wheel again: your odds of a single number win are just 2.7%. Compared to even money bet odds of 48.6% - this is incredibly low! This is where Mini Roulette shines - the odds of winning a single number are increased to 7.69%. This is almost triple the odds of a single number on a normal sized wheel.

This means that straight up bets may not pay as much on this wheel - but you have a much better chance. Even money bettors will experience slightly reduced odds on this wheel of 46.15%. That 2%+ may not seem like a big deal - but it can stack up over time. Our Mini roulette strategy guide covers more details.

Mini Roulette Bonus

This is one of the most unique virtual roulette games on offer - and it is a must play for table game fans. The good news? It's easy to find. This game is supplied by Playtech - one of the most widespread gaming software companies in the world. There's many Playtech casinos out there - most of which are reputable and offer great bonuses in exchange for a deposit. 

As Playtech are with a number of blue chip gaming companies, you can expect big brand treatment. This typically means excellent support and fast, effortless payments. Another thing you can take advantage of is fully fleshed out loyalty rewards - which are usually bare bones at smaller casino sites. The rewards can include points back on your gameplay, which you can usually cash in for real money rewards.

Some casinos even have special loyalty stores where you can exchange your loyalty currency for items. This includes gadgets, holidays and even cars. If the site has a VIP scheme - and you climb the ladder high enough, then you could also look forward to special VIP incentives and exclusive offers.

Mini Roulette Betting Software

Upon starting our Mini Roulette review, we were surprised by the size and design of the table. This is literally a minaturised European wheel. While it's appearance may be bordering on a comical joke - the gameplay is no laughing matter. This is Playtech at their finest and most creative way.

Game Design - This is a very compact kind of roulette game, which suits the name all the better. On the left hand of the table we have the small spinning wheel. And on the right: we have the betting table - which follows the usual format of a traditional table, albeit in a much smaller size. Overall, the design is attractive and it looks great.

Interface - The mini aspect of the game doesn't extend to where you place your chips. In fact, the betting area actually benefits from the miniaturisation. The reduced size of the wheel means nice big betting spaces. There's no mis-clicks or mis-taps thanks to the generous space of each area.  

Gameplay - This is your usual game of European Roulette - on a much smaller scale. The game seems to be designed to encourage single number play. And it certainly is a tempting prospect considering the increased odds of these spaces.

Payouts - Compared to other roulette games, Mini Roulette features lower payout ratios for most betting scenarios. Two notable points to make is that even money bets still pay at a 1:1 ratio. Wins from straight up number bets are also reduced from 35:1 to 11:1. Single number bets have three times the chance of success however.

Settings - There's not much in the way of interesting features if you poke around the options menu. You can switch off the intro video and the splash screen if you wish, which will decrease your time getting into the game. If you want even faster gameplay, then you can also engage turbo mode which will remove the majority of the wheel spinning animation.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best Mini Roulette strategy?

Mini Roulette drastically decreases the chance of successful even money bets - so its better to play a spread betting strategy with single numbers.

What is the Mini Roulette return to player?

The return to player of Mini Roulette is 96.15% - which is below average for a roulette game.

What is the maximum payout in Mini Roulette?

The best payout in Mini Roulette is the single number bet - which pays out at 11 to 1.

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