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Playing online roulette 

Technology has completely changed the game for casino game enthusiasts. You can now pull out a device no bigger than your palm and play online casino roulette wherever you like. The real challenge these days is to find the best gambling site to play at. 

Each brand is unique, offering different features and games to enjoy - how do you choose? Don't worry, we have done all the hard work for you. Take advantage of our extensive research and browse our top roulette casinos today.

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    Roulette Game Reviews

    Play Roulette Online

    Online gambling has really transformed the roulette experience. Imagine if you wanted to play a game 20 years ago. You would first need to find a casino within a reasonable travel distance. You would then need to suit and boot yourself to match the clientele, even if you didn't want to. Finally, you would have to take a seat at a crowded and noisy table. 

    Fast forward to the present. If you want to play online roulette, you simply pull out your phone or tablet and choose a game. Want a more social experience? Try out a live dealer roulette game instead. There's no need to travel, no dress code to satisfy - and no crowded game tables. 

    The only minor sticking point is finding a casino to play at. There are hundreds of sites out there - most of which offer roulette games. But the quality variance is vast. In fact, choosing a casino with no prior knowledge is a gamble all by itself. You could score a brilliant site - or an absolute dud. 

    We suggest you take some time and browse our comprehensive casino reviews. You will soon discover which sites to join - and which to avoid. Many of these brands offer big welcome bonuses, so you can play your favourite games with some extra funds. But you don't necessarily have to pay to enjoy some online roulette.

    Free Online Roulette

    Free online roulette is a valuable tool for new and old players alike. In a free game, a veteran can test out new strategies, experiment with different betting systems and try new tables. A beginner can use these free games to hone their skills and learn the ropes. There are several different kinds of free roulette. Some of which give you the chance to win real money.

    Play for fun roulette: Many online casinos will have an option to play their games for free. Usually, this free option will be found close to the real money play. When you select this option, you will play a free instance of the game - complete with a bankroll. 

    It may seem like you are spending actual currency - but this is in reality monopoly money. And that means you can play as risky as you like - there's absolutely no danger to your actual finances. No deposits, no stress - just free online roulette. The big caveat here is that you can also win nothing in these game modes.

    No Deposit Roulette Bonus: Did you know that there are some casinos out there that will give you free cash to play roulette? Even more ludicrous is that you could actually win real money from it! These no deposit roulette sites are few and far between - but they are definitely worth seeking out.

    With a no deposit bonus, you can play roulette as if you were playing in free mode. But with one major difference: you can actually win real money from it. To do this, you will need to satisfy the bonus wagering requirements, which are set by the casino in question.

    Claiming these bonuses is simple; visit the site, create an account and boom - free roulette. Once you have met the wagering, you can withdraw the cash into your account.

    Best Online Roulette Games

    Choosing the best online roulette games is almost as tough as choosing a casino to play them at. Roulette players have one of the richest selections of content available. Developers like EvolutionNetEnt and Playtech all offer world-class games in virtual or live dealer formats. Here are just a few player favourites to choose from. 

    Immersive Roulette 

    Hailed as the best live dealer roulette game available. Evolution's masterful room brings you roulette like you have never seen it before. And this is all thanks to an array of high tech video cameras that captures the game in stunning new detail. Better still is the slow-motion replay as the ball enters the final pocket. Suspenseful, satisfying and a must play for any serious roulette lover. Read the Immersive Roulette review.

    Lightning Roulette 

    Evolution provides electrifying payouts in this award-winning new room. On every spin, five numbers will be chosen to receive a substantial multiplier boost. This can range from 50x to an incredible 500x! Complimenting the action is the energetic live dealer - who engages the chat with banter and jokes. Find the best Lightning Roulette casinos.

    Automatic Roulette

    Want an uncomplicated game of roulette with a huge number of betting opportunities? Try Auto Roulette! While these games are filmed live, there are no dealers involved. This wheel plays itself using air power technology. There are minimal errors and minimal distraction in this fast-paced roulette game.

    Premium French Roulette

    Many roulette purists will tell you that French Roulette wheels make for the best online roulette game. And this is thanks to the generous La Partage rule. Playing even money bets with this wheel is a whole lot safer - if the ball falls into the zero pocket, you get half your stake back!

    Age of the Gods Roulette

    Slot tie-ins with roulette games are usually hit and miss. But Playtech's fusion of slots and roulette is a joy to play. And the prizes can be heavenly. Like the slot, there's the chance to win one of four random jackpots on any game spin. Try Age of Gods Roulette.

    How to play roulette online

    Want to play roulette online- but don't know where to start? Don't worry, this game may seem intimidating at first. But it's actually one of the most simple table games to pick up and learn. Here are a few simple tips to get started.

    Learn the game mechanics - At its core, there are two main elements to any roulette game: the spinning wheel and the betting mat. Beyond this, there are different types of betting wheels - and a countless number of side bets available. Once you understand the different options - you can find your preferred game.

    Get started with a bonus - If you are just getting started with online casino roulette, then give your funds a helping hand. Most gambling sites will offer some kind of bonus - and you can use this bonus to extend your gaming session. Better yet: these bonuses can actually be converted into real money.

    Find a good site to play at - The idea of a good casino can be subjective. But the best sites do share some common traits. An active promotion page, mobile roulette games and great customer service are the hallmarks of a top tier site. The welcome bonus can also be a good indicator - but not just the value of the bonus itself. The terms and conditions are equally important when considering the quality of a site.

    Free Roulette Games to Play Online

    If you're looking for free roulette games to play online - then we can help! Head over to our free play section, where we feature popular virtual games that you can play for free. Simply choose your favourite and then click play now. You can practice your roulette strategies - or come up with some new ones. 

    You may be wondering where you can play live roulette games for free. Unfortunately, live roulette games are not usually available for free money play. If your heart is set on Evolution live games or something similar, then you could always try a no deposit bonus. The big advantage here is that you could win some real money out of it.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Online Roulette

    Is roulette online rigged?

    As long as you play at a regulated online casino, roulette games won't be rigged. Gambling bodies like the UKGC require extensive testing of online casino games to ensure they are fair for players. And this includes roulette.

    How can I win online roulette?

    The most consistent way to win an online roulette games is to stick to the 50/50 betting options. Red/black is a popular choice - but you could also bet on odds/evens. Playing these bets, you will win small prizes on a regular basis.

    What is the best online roulette site?

    It depends on the type of roulette you like to play. Browse our list of casino partners to find a great selection of top roulette sites.

    Is there any skill in roulette?

    No, roulette is not a skill based game. It is predominantly luck based. You can however cater your strategy to suit your play style. Risk takers will prefer to place the more valuable, but harder to hit straight up numbers. Cautious players will prefer the outside betting options like red/black.

    What number comes up the most in roulette?

    There is no single number that comes up more frquently in a game of online roulette. Every online roulette game uses RNG to produce random game outcomes. There may be events where one single number does appear in quick succession multiple times - but this will be a rare event.

    Can I play roulette online?

    You absolutely can! Most online casinos offer a number of variations of roulette including popular versions like European, French and American roulette along with new variations like Age of Gods Roulette, Immersive Roulette and Prestige Roulette. Many will even allow you to try the games for free before you commit real money.  

    What is the best online site to play roulette?

    The best casino to play roulette online depends on where you are. has a complete list of casinos by country including bonuses offered.