Choose to use credit and bank card payments for online roulette casino games with live dealers.

    Roulette Casinos with Bank Card Payments

    One of the great things about online casinos is that you have a wide choice of payment methods. If a casino does not offer a large selection of payment methods, you should approach with caution as this is seen as a warning sign that the casino might not be as reputable as some. 

    All of the big named casinos offer a vast selection when it comes to ways to deposit and withdraw funds from your account, and you should be sure to check this out carefully before you sign up and hand over any of your money. 

    Online Casinos accepting Credit Cards

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    Bank and credit cards are one of the most common ways to carry out any transaction online, and a lot of people prefer these to other forms. They see things like electronic transfer companies as an extra layer of risk with another party having access to your information. If you consider this an unnecessary layer, then you will be able to find loads of really good casinos that offer credit and bank card payments. Finding roulette casinos with credit card payments is not hard to do, and you can be assured that a reputable casino will have taken steps to protect your information. The new laws surrounding how personal data is held and used should give you reassurances and your information will be carefully managed and stored in such a way as to make sure it never falls into the wrong hands. 

    The two most common names for credit and bank cards are Visa and Mastercard, these names are as old as time and trusted by millions of people worldwide. You will find that your card is operated through one of these no matter who you bank with. Depositing funds into your online casino account is incredibly easy with card payments, and security means that no unauthorised transactions can be made, so you have peace of mind. Obviously using a credit card is not without risk if you are trying to ensure you do not gamble with more than you can afford, as you can often add money from a credit card when you do not have the funds in your bank account. Sometimes you will also have to pay a service change as using your card is seen as a cash advance. If you use a bank card the transactions are free because you can only use money that you have. 

    Withdrawing funds can take longer with credit and bank cards which is seen by some as a drawback, but again this depends on how you feel. It might take a few days to hit your bank account whereas an e-wallet transaction like PayPal will be an instant transfer, so it depends on how you want things to happen. There is no doubt that credit and bank cards are a safe and secure way to make payments to your online casino account and there is no third party which a lot of people prefer. 

    Play Roulette Online

    Once you have set up your preferred payment method with your online casino using your credit or debit card all you have to do is decide on the game to play. If you want to have a go at one of the more popular games, then play roulette online, as this is one of the most played games in any casino. This old game has been given a modern twist and now suits the online forum perfectly. Generally, there are two versions available, the more arcade style which features computer-generated graphic simulations of the wheel and play, and the more true to life live dealer format.

    In live dealer roulette, you get to experience a game so immersive you could actually be in the casino sat at the gaming table. The games happen in real time, and the dealer is streamed onto the website or app. They host the game and take the players through the betting and then the game itself. The best online casinos will have worked hard to ensure that their dealers are of the highest quality and are experienced croupiers. This is the combined by clever filming so that the stream changes camera angles which adds to the feeling of being there in person.

    There are various formats of gameplay so you can experiment and see which you prefer. All have slightly different bet rules, but all feature the wheel. A roulette wheel is made up of 36 red and black slots, and either one or two green slots labelled zero. American roulette will have the two green slots whereas European and French tend only to have one. Newer versions of the game have started to appear, and all of them feature the live dealer. You can also play multi-wheel roulette where eight wheels are all played together. You do not have to play on all eight but will have to place bets on the ones you want to play.

    Many casinos will offer a welcome bonus to new players which gives you some free gameplay time. In the case of a no-deposit bonus you can literally try the game for free; however, the value of the free play will be low. In a deposit bonus offer you will find that you get a much higher level of bonus, but in order to trigger it, you will need to make a deposit to your account first. There will be terms and conditions attached to the free gifts so be sure you understand how they work and how to claim them. 

    All you need to do then is start betting on the game. There is more than one form of bet when it comes to a roulette wheel. An inside bet is where you bet on specific numbers coming up, whereas an outside bet is to do with conditions such as red or black, odd or even. It is quite easy to learn the basic rules, and the longer you play, the more familiar you will become with the rules. 

    Credit Card Deposits for Roulette FAQ

    Can I claim a roulette bonus using a credit card?

    Credit card gambling will be banned in the UK after new UKGC regulation comes into effect.

    Can I use my bank card to play roulette?

    Yes, you can add your bank card and make deposits to fund your casino account. Check the casinos payment list to see if there is any restrictions to keep in mind.

    How much can I deposit with a bank card?

    You will be able to deposit between £5 to £500 depending on the site you visit.

    Can I withdraw my roulette winnings to a bank card?

    Yes, it is possible to withdraw your winnings to your bank card. Keep in mind that this method usually takes longer than others.

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