High Stakes Roulette Sites

    High Stakes Roulette Sites

    Get ready for the thrill of high stakes roulette – the ultimate game for those who love the adrenaline rush of big bets and even bigger wins! 

    High stakes roulette is where the action heats up, offering you the chance to place substantial bets and potentially win large sums of money. 

    It's the perfect playground for seasoned players who have a knack for the game and aren't afraid to go all in. Imagine the excitement as the wheel spins, knowing that each round could lead to a significant payout. With high stakes, every spin is more thrilling, and the victories are that much sweeter.
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    Best High Stakes Roulette Sites

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    Pros & Cons of High Stakes Roulette

    Higher Potential Winnings: The most obvious advantage is the potential for large payouts. Bigger bets can lead to significantly larger wins, making each spin more exciting.

    VIP Treatment: High stakes players often receive VIP status, with access to exclusive tables, personal account managers, and special bonuses and promotions.

    Thrilling Gaming Experience: The higher risk involved adds an extra level of excitement and adrenaline to the game, appealing to those who enjoy high-risk, high-reward gaming.

    Suitable for Experienced Players: High stakes roulette is ideal for seasoned players who understand the nuances of the game and have developed effective strategies.

    Enhanced Status: Playing at high stakes tables often grants players a certain prestige and recognition among their peers and within the online casino community.

    Higher Financial Risk: The potential for large losses is much greater in high stakes roulette, making it unsuitable for players with a limited budget or those who are risk-averse.

    Can Lead to Problematic Gambling: The thrill of high stakes can potentially lead to irresponsible gambling behavior, especially for those who may not have a disciplined approach to betting.

    Not Beginner-Friendly: High stakes roulette can be intimidating and potentially disastrous for beginners who are not yet familiar with the game's intricacies.

    Limited Accessibility: Not all online casinos offer high stakes roulette, and some that do may have stricter entry requirements, such as higher minimum deposits and bankroll requirements.

    Less Time to Play: Due to the larger amounts of money being wagered, a losing streak can deplete a player's bankroll much faster compared to lower stakes games.

    What is high stakes roulette?

    High stakes roulette comes with all the glitz and glam of a high-end casino experience. These games often feature exclusive tables, professional live dealers, and a luxurious atmosphere that makes you feel like you're right in the heart of Vegas. 

    You'll not only be playing for big wins but also enjoying the top-notch service and prestige that comes with high stakes gaming. Whether you're looking to test your strategies or simply in it for the excitement, high stakes roulette offers a uniquely exhilarating experience that's just a click away. So, are you ready to place your bets and feel the rush? 

    High stakes roulette is a popular game among players that prefer to bet more than the average player - in some cases - substantially more. The game itself is no different to 10p roulette in regards to the rules, payout structure and the RTP. Most high stakes players tend to choose French roulette as this variant has the lowest house edge.

    The purpose of this guide is to assist players in finding the best high stakes roulette sites. This doesn’t simply mean the casinos with the highest table limits, but the whole package because as a high-roller, you want to be taken care of.

    Best High Stakes Online Roulette Sites

    ‘High stakes’ is a subjective term as each player has his/her own limits. However, most would agree that single bets over £1,000 fall into the high stakes bracket. The good news for high-rollers is that there is no shortage of tables to choose from, with some casinos accepting wagers above £100,000 on even-money bets.

    When betting such large sums of money, you want to be playing at the top-rated casinos. That’s why we’ve searched our UK database and listed the best high stakes online roulette sites for you.

    How much can you win with high stake roulette?

    In high stakes roulette, the potential winnings can be significantly larger than in standard roulette games, due to the higher bet amounts involved. The exact amount you can win depends on the type of bet you place and the specific betting limits of the table. 

    Here's a general idea of what you could win in high stakes roulette:

    High Stakes Roulette Winnings: Potential Payouts on £100 Bets Explained

    Bet Type
    Payout Ratio
    Example Bet
    Potential Winnings
    Total Return on Win

    Straight Up (single number) 35 to 1 £100 £3,500 £3,600
    Split (two adjacent numbers) 17 to 1 £100 £1,700 £1,800
    Street (three numbers in a row) 11 to 1 £100 £1,100 £1,200
    Corner (block of four numbers) 8 to 1 £100 £800 £900
    Line (six numbers in two rows) 5 to 1 £100 £500 £600
    Outside Bets (e.g., Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low) 1 to 1 £100 £100 £200
    Dozen/Column Bets 2 to 1 £100 £200 £300

    Note: It's important to remember that while the winnings can be substantial, the risk is also higher. High stakes roulette is best suited for players who are comfortable with and can afford this level of risk. Additionally, each casino has its own betting limits and rules, so the maximum potential win can vary between sites and tables.

    High Limit Roulette Games

    High limit roulette games are no different to low stakes games in relation to the rules. Therefore, you can find high limit European roulette, French roulette, American roulette, and several other newer variations as well.

    Most high limit roulette games are found in the live dealer casino. This is where the difference lies. High stakes players are given the VIP treatment with exclusive tables reserved especially for them. You’ll usually find that high limit roulette tables also have an above-average minimum bet. 

    This serves two purposes; the first is that it prevents recreational players from taking one of the seats. Also, casinos do this to reduce the impact of players using betting systems, such as Martingale.

    Having established that the games are the same, let’s have a look at what high limit roulette players can expect.

    • VIP Roulette by Evolution Gaming: High limits come as standard with Evolution Gaming’s VIP roulette. You can play European, French and Auto roulette at these tables. The elegant studio is a cut above what you get on the regular games, and only the most experienced live dealers are used.
    • Salon Prive by Evolution Gaming: The simplest way to think of Salon Prive is VVIP. It offers single-player private tables around the clock. With betting limits up to £50,000 a round, the stakes can be as high as you desire. Furthermore, the Salon Prive tables have a VIP Room Manager present all the time to ensure you are looked after from the moment you enter until the when you leave.
    • VIP Roulette by NetEnt Live: If you are looking to place bets up to £100,000 a spin, the VIP roulette tables operated by NetEnt Live are waiting. This is European roulette, so the RTP is a generous 97.30%. Furthermore, it’s available on all devices, including desktop, tablets, and mobile phones without downloading any extra software.
    • Blaze Roulette by Authentic Gaming: Owned by Genting, Authentic Gaming is steadily making a name for itself in the live roulette industry. It offers some fantastic tables, and with betting limits going up to £50,000; they are suited to high limit players.

    This is just a small sample; there are many more live casino operators and live roulette games just waiting to be discovered. One interesting title is Lightning Roulette (by Evolution Gaming). The maximum bet is £10,000 at most casinos, but the game throws in a win multiplier up to x500, which can produce some mega payouts.

    Bonuses and Promotions

    High stakes roulette players are treated like royalty at online casinos. If you’re wagering thousands of pounds each time you play, you can guarantee the operator will bend over backwards to keep you happy (and playing). These are some of the casino bonuses and promotions you can expect:

    Welcome bonus: When you first join an online casino, this is the bonus that you can claim when you sign up. Most casino welcome offers are match deposit bonuses. Therefore, the operator matches your deposit. A few sites do have exclusive four-figure welcome bonuses for high-rollers to help get your playing experience off to a flying start.

    Reload bonus: There are regular weekly reload bonuses; however, once the casino knows that you want to play high limit roulette, you can expect the star treatment. In reality, the normal reload bonuses are not suitable because they have a maximum bet limit while the bonus is active. This is why the operators will customise these promos for you; based on the games you play and the bets you make.

    No wagering bonus: These are a favourite of high stakes roulette players. The casino gives cashback of aggregated losses over specific periods; for instance, at weekends. When you get the refund, it will go directly into your cash balance for you to reuse or withdraw.

    VIP Club: Casino bosses are constantly monitoring player activity, so it doesn’t take long for high limit roulette players to pop up on their radar. This then opens the door to the site’s VIP club - most have one of these or a rewards scheme. As a true VIP, you’ll be lavished with an abundance of bonuses, promotions and extra services. 

    In addition to larger and more frequent bonuses and a plethora of free games, you’ll get a dedicated VIP account manager, faster payouts with higher withdrawal limits, and exclusive invites to marquee events.

    Payment Methods

    Although the best high stakes roulette sites provide a wide variety of payment options, some are not suitable for high-rollers. These include Paysafecard and AstroPay Card because the deposit limits are often less than £1,000.

    Furthermore, with UK players not being allowed to use credit cards, the range of methods is dented a little bit more. With that in mind, these are the remaining options:

    • Debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro
    • E-wallets: PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz
    • Online banking: Trustly, Fast bank transfer, Rapid bank transfer
    • Others: Regular bank transfer, Siru, Jeton, MuchBetter

    In most cases, debit cards and bank transfers are often the methods that allow for the highest deposit limits. For withdrawal limits, you need to check both the payment vendor to see what their maximum is and the casino’s own terms and conditions. Some sites only allow one £10,000 withdrawal a day, for example. 

    Lastly, certain depositing methods may not be eligible to claim deposit-related bonuses. This is a common thing with many casinos. However, high stakes players have far more power than your average recreational gambler, so you can thrash a deal out with the casino to get the terms you want.

    Advantages of High Stakes Roulette

    The payouts for roulette are fixed: 35 to 1 for single number bets, 2 to 1 for a column bet, even-money for red or black, and so on. However, when you are staking more, the returns are also far greater. For players that have this level of disposable cash, the thrill of winning thousands of pounds of a single spin of the wheel is unrivalled. 

    A secondary advantage is that several high stakes tables are used by roulette professionals who system bet. For example, the classic Martingale is one of the best-known roulette betting systems. You begin with a minimum stake on one of the even-money bets. If you lose, you double your bet, and you continue doing this until you win. Although casinos don’t like system players, it's not illegal to do this.

    High Stakes Roulette - FAQs

    Can you get rich playing high limit roulette?

    You can most definitely win a lot of money playing high limit roulette games. However, you can lose a lot, too. It is important to remember that the casino holds a slight advantage, so it will come out on top more often in the long run. Whatever amount you play for, you want to have predetermined win/loss limits in your mind - and stick to them. These are you to leave the table at the right time on both good and bad days.

    How do I know high stakes games are fair?

    This is why we recommend using Roulette Pro. We have vetted all of the casinos on this page. They are reputable and trusted sites. Each one is licenced and regulated to ensure 100% fairness when playing.

    Can I use a roulette strategy to win more often?

    As roulette is a game of chance, there isn’t a playing strategy. You simply pick your bets and hope for the best. It is possible to try a betting system; however, none of these are guaranteed to help you win more often.