Lucky Symbols Roulette Review

Lucky symbols roulette is a newer, exciting version of the traditional table game.

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Lucky Symbols Roulette Review

Lucky symbols roulette is a newer, exciting version of the traditional table game. While the structure is similar to American roulette, the extra bets available in the form of the lucky symbols bring a great added layer to gameplay and add to the amount of betting options of offer to the player. 

How to play Lucky Symbols Roulette

Gameplay starts in exactly the same way, and currently, Lucky Symbols roulette is most often found at virtual roulette tables rather than live dealer tables. When you place your bet, as normal, you can make inside or outside bets on the outcome of the ball. You will notice that the betting mat looks much the same as a standard American roulette betting mat but with the addition of six symbols. These will be found along the bottom of the mat along with the odd and even, red and black, and high low. 

The Play 

So now you can answer the questions What is Lucky Symbols roulette, you need to know about the symbols themselves. As mentioned there are six symbols; they are Dragon, Coins, Lantern, Prosperity, Yin-Yang, Fish and Tiger. You bet on the Lucky Symbols at the same time as any other bet is placed, before the wheel spins. Once the ball comes to rest, the winning number will be displayed and next to it the winning Lucky Symbol for the round. You do not have to have been correct on any other bet to win your Lucky Symbol bet, it is a stand-alone bet, and if you choose not to place a bet in any round that is also acceptable. 

The Odds and Payout 

As this is a relatively new game, you might find that there is some variety on the odds offered. However, each table must clearly display odds for the bets so you can check these before you play. The odds vary which means some symbols are more likely to come up than others, and accordingly you can win more in terms of payout. There are currently two odds systems at work in games across the online casinos. Remember if you cannot see the odds displayed do not play there. 

Tsogo Sun Lucky Symbols

In the version supplied by Tsogo Sun you will find the odds are as follows: 

  • Dragon - Odds Paid 200-1
  • Tiger - Odds Paid 200-1
  • Fish - Odds Paid - 20-1
  • Coins - Odds Paid 20-1
  • Lantern - Odds Paid 3-1
  • Ying-Yang  - Odds Paid 3-1
  • Prosperity - Odds Paid 1-1

Cammegh Mercury 360 Lucky Symbols 

The other popular version found online comes from games using the Cammegh Mercury 360 wheel, and this carries differing odds of:

  • Dragon - Odds 80-1
  • Tiger - Odds 80-1
  • Fish - Odds 18-1
  • Coins - Odds 18-1
  • Lantern - Odds 3-1
  • Ying-Yang - Odds 3-1
  • Prosperity - Odds 1-1

Lucky Symbols Roulette Rules

For this Lucky Symbols roulette review, it is essential that you understand the basic playing structure found at the American roulette table. In part, the game will be very similar, with the same double zero wheel and playing mat. The new addition of the Lucky Symbols is known as a side wager, so the gameplay progresses in precisely the same way as American roulette but with the added side wager twist. Of course, over time it is likely that casinos will choose to add these side wagers to any version of roulette, so you could also find them on European and French table games. In this case, the wheel will be the single zero wheel. 

Lucky Symbols Odds Remain Unchanged

As we have come to learn the difference between the American wheel and the European wheels is the green zero or double zero, which changes the odds on the standard inside and outside bets due to the different amount of slots available. In this version of the game, the wheel used makes no difference to the odds offered on the Lucky Symbols, these remain the same. 

The Aim 

There are six Lucky Symbols, and the aim of the side wager is to correctly predict which of the symbols will come up on each spin. Whether you want to bet on one or all six, the choice is yours, but of course, this will cost you more. It is also worth noting that the odds for each of the symbols is different, this is not an even one in six chance. Each pick stands alone and bears no correlation to what has been drawn before on previous games. The winning lucky symbol will be displayed at the end of the spin along with the winning number.

Lucky Symbol Roulette Bonuses

If you are looking for Lucky Symbols roulette casino, then you might be able to find some great new player welcome bonuses, which give you the chance to try many of the table game for free, so you can see if you like them.

The most common kind of Lucky Symbol Roulette bonus is the new player offer. New sign ups can take advantage of this bonus by creating a new account and depositing. You can then use the funds to play this roulette game.

Each bonus will come with wagering requirements, if you can meet the requirements, you will be able to withdraw the cash into your account balance.

Best Casinos to Play Lucky Symbols Roulette

Here are the best websites to play Lucky Symbols Roulette:

  1. Grosvenor Casino
  2. Betfair Casino
  3. LeoVegas Casino
  4. Mr Green Casino
  5. Dunder Casino
  6. William Hill Casino
  7. Coral Casino
  8. Netbet Casino
  9. Casumo Casino
  10. Paddy Power Casino

Lucky Symbols Roulette Strategy

Below you will find the most probable symbols appear in a winning combination. By focussing on Prosperity, you have the best odds of winning in the game.

  • Dragon - Probability 1.10%, House edge 11.01%
  • Tiger - Probability 1.10%, House edge 11.01%
  • Fish - Probability 4.54%, House edge 13.72%
  • Coins - Probability 4.54%, House edge 13.72%
  • Lantern - Probability 21.90%, House edge 12.40%
  • Ying-Yang - Probability 21.90%, House edge 12.40%
  • Prosperity - Probability 44.92%, House edge 10.16%

Our Verdict

In terms of roulette tables, this is a relatively new addition, and it comes as just that. You will find casinos offering the Lucky Symbols roulette as a side bet style along with a normal, or more traditional version of the game. If any game proves to be popular, then you will find that more and more online casinos will add this to their list of table games. However, there is a good selection of gaming sites offering this as one of their roulette versions.

Lucky Symbols Roulette FAQ

What is the best payout in Lucky Symbols roulette?

The Dragon symbol pays out at 200 to 1 - followed by the Tiger paying at 80 to 1.

What is the Lucky Symbols Roulette RTP?

The return to player of Lucky Symbols Roulette is between 86.28% and 89.84%  - depending on where you bet. Prosperity bets will give you the best return to player.

Is Lucky Symbols Roulette safe?

Yes, it's a safe game to play - each wheel is regularly tested and compliant with local gambling legislation.

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