Evolution Gaming

    Evolution are the leading live dealer software company. And you will find their roulette games are among the best. We look at some of the highlights from this premium provider.

    Evolution Live Roulette Review

    Evolution is one of the biggest gaming software providers with a reputation for stunning products that punters love. Evolution live roulette is no exception, and they have made sure that there is something for everyone. 

    Supplying some of the biggest online casinos in the world, there is little doubt that the team at Evolution are some of the best on the market. They are able to offer casinos a wide range of live dealer games which makes them appealing to many. 

    Live dealer roulette is one of the most popular online casino games thanks the personalised touched from the croupiers who lead the game and are able to interact with the punters on their live stream. 

    Evolution has a bustling live streaming studio which means they can offer several different versions of the game, around the clock and even in a variety of languages. In order to ensure their games are available to all, their games can also be used in apps and optimised to produce the best experience possible whether you are playing on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. 

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    Evolution Gaming Roulette

    Immersive roulette wheel at Evolution casino
    The world's leading provider of live dealer roulette

    Being one of the largest online gaming providers for the casino networks, you will not be surprised to learn that Evolution Gaming roulette comes in many different table formats. 

    European Roulette is one of the most popular formats, and this is a fantastically interactive game that features a professional live dealer to guide you through. 

    With features such as the ability to save up to 15 of your favourite bets, this is some of the finest gameplay on offer. Speed roulette is, as the name suggests, a super-quick gameplay for those with little time to spare. 

    It takes 25 seconds from spin to win, and this is roulette in the fast lane. The betting happens when the wheel is spinning, and there is no waiting around for the next game to start. Double Ball roulette is only available from Evolution, and this is a new and exciting way to play. As the name suggests, two balls are thrown into the moving wheel and will be available in fewer casinos as it an exclusive game that is not yet widely seen so grab the chance to play when you can. 

    Evolution Gaming Live Roulette 

    If you are looking for even more variations, then Evolution Gaming live roulette has plenty more to offer. In 2014 their Immersive Roulette game was voted by the industry operators as EGR’s Game of the Year, which is a remarkable accolade. 

    The game draws you into the play thanks to the use of camera angles including the up-close shots of the balls spinning as the game progresses. This obviously adds to the feel of being in the casino more than a fixed camera does, and is the trademark of good live gaming roulette streaming. During play, the cameras change and move to ensure the experience feels very real, just as one would change their own gaze sat in front of the table. 

    This game also offers slow-motion replays so you can get to see all of the action up close and all over again in case you missed anything the first time around. To ensure total flexibility to casino owners, they also offer Evolution Immersive Lite which gives you the ability to choose the camera angles and number of cameras in order to create the perfect immersive experience for all their tables.

    Lightning Roulette has also made headlines the past few years. With its innovative RNG multipliers - this table has picked up many awards and accolades. It's also one of the first Evolution games to use a gameshow style dealer.

    Online Roulette Software

    There is such a vast array of online roulette software that you will certainly never be short for choice. Of course, the live dealer roulette is popular, but there are many people who enjoy the computer-generated graphics versions too. Evolution Gaming auto roulette is one such offering and is perfect for users of mobile devices. The graphics are crisp and when used in the app designed specifically for mobile devices. 

    The game plays well on the desktop should you prefer and all the favourite roulette features are on offer including inside and outside bets. Having such a good range of bets is one of the reasons why the game is so popular as players can try out many different tactics for successful gameplay. 

    Inside bets involve picking a single number or group of numbers in order to predict where the ball will come to reset, and outside bets revolve around calling certain conditions such as the ball coming to rest on an odd number or landing on a black slot. There are usually house special bets on offer too, and these all add to the momentum of the game. Most roulette tables bring statistics to the table too which mean you can learn about previous games and hot and cold numbers. 

    Roulette Evolution Casinos

    Thanks to the reputation they have built hard to achieve, Evolution has an impressive list of casinos working with them, so you will be able to find roulette Evolution casinos with ease. 

    Names like Royal Panda, RedBet and Bet Victor are all happily using the live roulette games offered by Evolution. You can be sure that a gaming software company is reputable when such big names are happy to use their games. 

    It is vital to the larger casinos that they maintain their own reputations, as they can be severely penalised by the Gambling Commission if they are based in the UK or the equivalent bodies in other countries. You will always get disreputable casinos that are not genuinely there to look after their customers, and these are generally identifiable because they will not have their membership information displayed clearly on the site. 

    If you cannot find a registration number for the Gambling Commission or the equivalent bodies in other countries move on and do not give them any of your details. You will find that roulette Evolution cheat rumours normally originate from dodgy casinos looking to cause disruption in the hope it will detract from what they are doing. A solid partnership between Evolution and a big name casino is a good sign of safe and reliable gaming. 

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    Evolution Gaming FAQ

    Is Evolution Gaming rigged?

    Evolution Gaming isn't a scam. It is a licensed provider of live casino games - and their tables are checked for fairness by independent testing labs.

    Is Evolution Gaming available in the USA?

    Yes, you can play Evolution Gaming tables in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. You will have to reside in the state to sign up and play with real money.

    Can I play Evolution Gaming tables for free?

    As these games are live, you won't be able to play a demo mode option. Evolution games can only be played with real money.

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