The 5 Top RNG Roulette Games At GGPoker

13 Jul 2024
Jake McEvoy 13 Jul 2024
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  • Age of the Gods Roulette by Playtech - features progressive jackpots.
  • 101 Roulette by Playtech - exotic variation with 105 betting spaces.
  • Roulette Deluxe by Playtech - simpler, easy-to-bet option.
  • First Person Roulette by Evolution - immersive American Roulette experience.
  • Turbo Roulette by GGVegas - fast-paced European Roulette action.
  • What Are The 5 Most Popular RNG Roulette Games At GGPoker?
  • #5 - “Age of the Gods Roulette” by Playtech
  • #4 - “101 Roulette” by Playtech
  • #3 - “Roulette Deluxe” by Playtech
  • #2 - “First Person Roulette” by Evolution
  • #1 - “Turbo Roulette” by GGVegas
Find out which five RNG roulette games are currently the most played in GGPoker's Casino area.

What Are The 5 Most Popular RNG Roulette Games At GGPoker?

There’s no doubt that roulette is among the most popular casino games around, which is why even on poker-based sites like GGPoker, users are still loading up RNG roulette games regularly.

On the site - specifically in the Casino section - customers can find numerous RNG roulette games, with a mixture of options that have been created in-house and by well-known developers.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the 5 top roulette games that are available to members of GGPoker. Create an account using our GGPoker bonus code, “BIGBETS”, to qualify for plenty of bonus funds to spend on these games if you want to give them a try!

#5 - “Age of the Gods Roulette” by Playtech

The standard betting minimum for online roulette games like Age of the Gods is £0.10 per number or combination of numbers, with £1+ required for outside bets like columns and red/black. Just press the spin button and wait for the ball to land once you've decided on your selections and wager amounts.

One of four progressive jackpots is up for grabs in Age of the Gods Roulette and they are available to all players who wager real money and will hit at random intervals irrespective of the stakes you're playing for.

#4 - “101 Roulette” by Playtech

A September 2018 release from Playtech, 101 Roulette is an exotic variation loosely based on European roulette (i.e., with a single zero on the wheel).

But that's about it when it comes to similarities: the game has 105 betting spaces and a wheel that resembles a racecourse. You may win up to 100 times your entire stake, and this payoff is available for a variety of bet types.

#3 - “Roulette Deluxe” by Playtech

In position 3 we have another offering from Playtech but, this time, it’s much simpler, which is actually one of the main draws of this option.

Even if it's easy to place a bet, having the knowledge to do so may make things go more smoothly. With a payout of 35 to 1, betting on a single number is the greatest option.

#2 - “First Person Roulette” by Evolution

First Person American Roulette by Evolution is an improved take on the traditional double-zero American Roulette that provides players with an immersive environment in which to place all of the standard American Roulette wagers.

It would be easy to mistake this magnificent wheel for a live roulette game as you watch the wheel spin and the ball land on red, black, and green numbers.

#1 - “Turbo Roulette” by GGVegas

And in first place, we have one of GGPoker’s very own, in-house developed games, “Turbo Roulette”.

Turbo Roulette is your best bet for fast, high-quality European Roulette action. There are fewer features in this edition of the game, but the pace of play is quicker than ever. Place your chips in the designated betting spaces, hit Spin, and the outcome will be shown instantly.