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    Want to know how to be secure playing roulette? Follow our advanced safety tips and play in complete confidence.

    Online Roulette Safety

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    Roulette is a fun past time - but make sure you are playing with a reputable brand

    The use of online casinos continues to rise, as more and more people find that gaming online is a pleasing alternative to attending a brick and mortar casino. Generally, the large online casinos offer users a good level of protection, but it is essential that if you plan to gamble via the internet, you consider online roulette safety. 

    A reputable casino will do all they can to maintain their reputation and will offer their clients a good level of online protection. So, the first thing to ensure is that you only sign up to casinos that are considered to have a first class reputation. These casinos will consistently come up online as being safe to use, so stay away from unknown names. 

    Think about what you are being offered, a massive welcome bonus is very enticing, but it could well be a scam to entice you in, and the bonus doesn’t really exist. There is a myriad of different roulette tables available in a wide range of reputable casinos; there is no need to look elsewhere. All sites should display their gambling registration information, and who owns the site. 

    In the UK the Gambling Commission oversees online casinos, and the site should clearly state their registration number. If you cannot find this information it would be advisable to walk away, the bigger casinos have nothing to hide, and you will find the information quickly, often displayed at the bottom of the homepage. Be sure that you keep your own system up to date with things like virus software and firewalls as this prevents anything dubious slipping through if you happen to browse to a questionable site. 

    Due to the number of financial transactions that take place any online site that collects money is a target for hackers. The site will be taking their own precautions, but you can increase the safety for yourself by making sure you have a unique password that is hard to guess and consider a separate email address for your gaming activity. 

    Online Roulette Guide

    Once you have ensured that the site you are visiting is suitable, and you have made sure you have protected yourself using secure passwords, you are ready to start playing the game. Make one final check, that in the address bar you can see the lock symbol and the web address begins https and you are good to go. There are loads of games available, but one that remains popular across all casinos around the world is roulette. 

    Finding an online roulette guide can help you get to grips with the basics if you have never played before, and you will find various guides with differing levels of information. The premise of the game is simple; you need to correctly predict where the silver ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. However, there are many forms of bet available, each of which carries different odds and therefore change the amount of money that you can win. As a new player betting on a single number is the most straightforward bet you can make, but obviously the least likely to succeed. 

    You could get lucky but with 36 numbered black and red slots and either one or two free zero slots depending which version you are playing this type of bet obviously also carries the highest odds. It has been statically shown on many occasions that a single number can only occur once in over 200 spins of the wheel, making this tricky to predict. Placing a bet on a single specific number is called an inside bet, and there are various other combinations that can be played that fall under this umbrella term. 

    For a beginner, it could be easier to place an outside bet, where you are betting on conditions. Here you can bet that the ball will land on red, or an even number or one of a dozen numbers. Obviously, you do not win as much as these are more likely conditions to occur, but it could be a safer strategy for the new player.

    Roulette Guide to Winning

    Once you have learned the basics, you might want to consider how to play to win. Obviously, with all games, there are strategies that tend to yield better odds than just random betting. The first thing you need to do is collect statistics. You will find that there are different versions of the game on offer, from European to America roulette, and newer ideas like a dual ball or multi-wheel roulette. 

    Online casinos will often offer the virtual versions of the game where the wheel and all gameplay is based on computer generated graphics, or the newer and rapidly becoming more popular live dealer roulette. Here you will be joined on a live stream by a professional croupier who will guide you through gameplay. One of the advantages of playing either version online is you will often be fed live statistics which over time can help you to formulate a plan to win or your own roulette guide to winning. 

    These statistics will help you to keep track of the winning number over the last few games and will show you hot and cold numbers so you can see what is winning more often than not. There are many theories as to the perfect roulette strategy, and of course, sometimes these will appear to pay dividends, but other times the players using them will not seem to do as well. 

    Interesting strategies to research are bankroll management and the up and down red/black strategy. You should take time to consider any advice you are given and look to see if others support or reject these ideas. Of course, you should take care to set a budget and stick to it, and never bet outside of your means as this can be a dangerous move. Take time to read up on what other people believe works and take it from there, at the end of the day a strategy is unique to you, and you must be comfortable using it.