How to play low stakes roulette (Roulette on a budget)

We explore low stakes roulette and show you the best strategies for consistent, reliable wins.
Roulette in mainstream media has a high roller stereotype - it's not perceived as a budget friendly game. This is far from the truth; online roulette games are available for players of all budgets, even modest ones. And low stakes roulette is the perfect game for the cost-savvy player.

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    There are two types of low budget roulette games:

    • Penny roulette - a game that is played with a very small amount of cash
    • Low stakes roulette - a table or room that has low betting limits, you don't need to bet much to join in

    Here, we explore ways and different strategies to play roulette on a budget.

    Focus on even money bets

    Betting smart is the way of a frugal casino player. In roulette, it's easy to burn your balance quickly by making inside bets with low odds. 

    If you’re looking to play roulette on a budget, we recommend sticking to the outside of the table. These even money bets have almost a 50/50 chance of success - meaning you will stay in the game longer. 

    Sure, it’s tempting to make a bet with a 35x return. But is it worth the risk? Your chance of good results is greatly increased by betting low and betting safe. 

    Sticking To A Budget

    Setting a gaming budget is crucial to a low stakes strategy. Let's say you want to play roulette with a max budget of £20. You should have in mind how much you are willing to lose. This is one of the safest and most intelligent ways to play. 

    If you are playing low stakes, we recommend betting the lowest possible amount. Once your gaming budget is gone, it’s gone. There are ways you can also control the amount of money you have in a gaming budget. If you use a pre-paid card, for example, you can't go beyond the amount of money on the card

    We also recommend withdrawing any winnings that go beyond a certain threshold.

    Finding Low Stakes Tables

    Next - it’s time to find a casino that offers roulette. This is a pretty easy step; nearly all online casinos offer some kind of roulette - although the selections do vary from casino to casino. Once you have found a roulette selection you like, it’s time to hunt for the tables with low stakes limits. 

    There are several ways you can approach this - ideally, the casino will have all staking information on the game image. Alternatively, they may have a page dedicated to their table wagering limits.

    If those two options aren't applicable, then you are going to have to launch each game individually.

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