High Limit Roulette Online: Choose risk & reward at these casinos

We introduce you to high limit roulette casinos. Bet thousands on a spin & play with risk today.
High limit roulette tables let you bet hundreds and even thousands on a single spin. They present the ultimate risk - and the ultimate rewards. But it's hard to identify these casinos, as some sites don't always advertise their staking limits. You only know how much you can bet once you sign up to the site.

On this page, we show you high limit roulette casinos you can play online. For more information on high stakes roulette sites, read further below this list of sites

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    What is High Limits Roulette?

    High limits roulette refers to any roulette game with higher betting limits. On a high limits table, you should expect to be able to bet thousands on a single betting session. These tables are also referred to as high stakes.

    These games are available in land-based and online casinos. Due to their large limits, they are often labelled as "VIP" games. They may even be only available to elite members, but this depends on the establishment.

    The minimum betting limits of these tables usually falls no lower than double figures, with a triple-figure lower limit more common. 

    Advantages of High Limit Roulette

    • You can win much more - Due to the high stakes, all bet winnings are much more valuable at these tables. This does come with the caveat that you are playing much greater risk to your finances.

    • No shortage of tables - There are hundreds of sites out there that provide large betting limits to roulette players. If you struggle to find a room to play in, then check another site - there's bound to be a table open.

    • More comfortable betting environment - Casinos like to style these high limits rooms with plenty of luxury. And that means you get to enjoy one of the most indulgent betting experiences around

    How to find high limits roulette

    • VIP Programs - The VIP betting limits may only be available to players enrolled in the VIP scheme. This means you will need to climb the loyalty ladder to be able to access these rooms. Of course, you will also receive plenty of benefits for your loyal play.

    • Check the lobby - When you log in to the online casino and access the online roulette games, you should be able to see the staking limits. If the site lets you bet hundreds or thousands, then this is a high limits table. If you are not satisfied with the limits, you can move on and search for another site.

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