Speed Roulette Review

Speed Roulette is a live dealer roulette game produced by Evolution Gaming. As the name suggests, this table operates at a much faster pace than standard roulette games. In fact, betting times are cut to 50% their original duration.

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Speed Roulette

Speed Roulette is a live dealer roulette game produced by Evolution Gaming. As the name suggests, this table operates at a much faster pace than standard roulette games. In fact, betting times are cut to 50% their original duration.

This means each betting round takes a mere 25 seconds. What's most surprising is that there is a live croupier in these games - so you miss out on none of the interactivity. 

Speed Roulette
Speed Roulette game rounds are much faster than traditional roulette games

This room seems perfect for players who want to cram in the betting sessions. But does it deliver? Let's take a look.

Speed Roulette Review

This room has die hard fans who love the combination of rapid gameplay and live dealer presentation. But it's not just the players who love this room - critics have plenty of praise too. In our own Speed Roulette review - we aim to show you why this game fills such a valuable niche role in the current roulette market.

Room Design - While this table isn't marketed exclusively at VIPs, the premium golden finish of the room suggests otherwise. This is a stylish looking studio which seems to nail the Art Deco style. It's a comfortable place to enjoy some fast paced roulette.

Betting Interface - Like most Evolution tables, the interface here is of the highest quality. Placing bets is easy thanks to the spacious betting area - and performing basic functions is a general breeze.

Gameplay - Speed Roulette is played on a European game wheel. And the game follows a similar flow to a normal European Roulette game. The major difference here is that everything is much faster. 

Dealer Quality - Evolution dealers are known to be a presentable bunch. And you will find that same excellent service and dedication to your entertainment. What we will say is that the banter and chatting is slightly more limited here. And this is in part due to the format of the table.

If you really want the more interactive side of roulette - then we would suggest a more social table. Otherwise, you will have to just roll with a more subdued dealer who is focused on cranking the betting sessions out.

Payouts -  This is a European roulette game with no additional jackpots or side bet elements. That means the maximum pay available is 35 to 1 on a straight up number bet. 

Settings - There are plenty of ways you can customise your roulette gaming experience in the options menu. One of our favourite tweaks is the dealer/wheel view. You can set it for the immersive camera (which captures the dealer/wheel from all angles).

Additionally, you could focus the action on the wheel - or to capture the entire table. There are also settings to tweak the video quality for unstable internet connections.

What is Speed Roulette

The premise of Speed Roulette is simple: it's a much faster roulette experience. But what is most outstanding here is that the social side of the game isn't compromised. This means many players get the best of both worlds.

And this is indeed a fast wheel - with an average of two betting rounds every minute. The sheer potential for betting opportunities in this game beats many tables. If you were to dedicate yourself for an hour and take advantage of each round - then you could enjoy up to 100+ sessions.

Other tables like Immersive Roulette seem incredibly slow in comparison - with betting rounds taking up to a minute to complete. Sure, you get a more interactive and tense experience - but you miss out on the speed.

It's worth once again noting that the dealers in this game are personable - but they are not as chatty as in other rooms. With speed being the main priority here, the dealer is a more reserved figure.

If you want speedy gameplay, but don't want to compromise on the core live dealer experience - then this is the perfect table. If you don't mind compromising on the live dealer and want even faster, error free gameplay - then consider Automatic Roulette.

Speed Roulette Strategy

When it comes to Speed Roulette strategy, there's nothing new that can really be said. Any European Roulette strategy can be applied to great effect here. And this means outside betting is the order of the day. 

And that means betting on red/black or any even number to leverage the low house edge. This is all thanks to the single zero pocket. 

It's not as good as a French table and the La Partage rule - but the house edge is still decent. One advantage of playing this table is that you get feedback much faster on any tactics you try.

If you are nervous about using your real balance to try strategies on this table - then we have a few suggestions. You could try a virtual table of another game - and set the spin speed to the max setting. 

You could also claim a Speed Roulette bonus to play this game, giving you some bonus buffer against your real money balance.

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