Golden Ball Roulette Review


Golden Ball Roulette is a live dealer roulette game powered by Extreme Live Gaming. The premise of this room is simple - every 20 game rounds, one player will get to spin a special golden ball.

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Golden Ball Roulette Review

Golden Ball Roulette is a live dealer roulette game powered by Extreme Live Gaming. The premise of this room is simple - every 20 game rounds, one player will get to spin a special golden ball. 

Golden Ball Roulette
Land the golden ball and spin from the number of your choice...

To be eligible to spin that ball, you must beat your fellow players by placing the largest amount of wagers on the table. If successful, you will get to spin the coveted golden ball. A flagship for Extreme, this game combines tournaments thrills with a premium London based setting. And of course - real life dealers.

What is Golden Ball Roulette?

Most online casinos nowadays host elaborate slots and live dealer tournaments. But during our Golden Ball Roulette review - we realised how well a single game could do the entire tournament aspect - all by itself. This game is a refreshing blend of traditional live dealer roulette action blended with competitive elements. 

Room Design - Contemporary and stylish. The studio boasts an expansive almost open plan look and feel. Polished woods and velvet carpets help the room feel exclusive, but not overly so. The dealer is also well presented, sporting the traditional black and red colours of the Extreme brand.

Betting Interface - The Golden Ball Roulette room boasts an easy to use interface. Betting area boxes are nice and big - and choosing your chips is easy. Undoing a bet, doubling up or re-betting are also simple tasks. The chat interface is also one of the most intuitive to use - and not at all hidden. Simply type in the window and press the send button to start chatting. 

Gameplay - Thanks to the golden ball feature, this game is unique and exciting. There is something intoxicating about going for that golden ball win. After each spin, the leaderboard places will be announced - and you're sure to feel compelled to hit that top spot in next to no time. 

Dealer Quality - In keeping with other live casino providers, Extreme have sought out more charismatic individuals to host their games. Our dealer was nothing short of impressive. Engaging the chat, coming up with funny stories, answering questions - it was almost TV presenter quality. 

Payouts - This is a European Roulette wheel and prizes are reflective. The only difference here is that winning the golden ball may also involve extra prizes. But this is dependent at the casino you play at - or if Extreme Live Gaming is holding a special kind of promotion.

Settings - If you have a poor internet connection, then you can take advantage of quality settings to aid your gaming experience. Toning down the quality of the video can instantly improve your experience. Like statistics? You will find a rich display of previous game rounds in the upper left-hand corner. This includes the results of the past ten spins.

How to play Golden Ball Roulette

A common new player reaction to the popular Extreme Live Gaming room is confusion. What is Golden Ball Roulette? And why is there a leaderboard? This game exists for one simple purpose: to provide competition.

The game is played on a European Roulette wheel. And that means one single zero digit. This wheel offers far more favourable odds than alternative American wheels.

Above the betting table and to the right of the live dealer will be the leaderboard. This area tracks which player is set to receive the golden ball spin on the 20th game round. 

In a traditional game of live dealer roulette, you are technically playing against the croupier, who represents the house. In this room, the tables are turned. Instead of the croupier, you are trying to out bet your own players.

The player with the most bets on the 20th game round will be able to spin the golden ball. The way this is executed is dependant on the casino. Some operators will offer jackpots or bonus prizes. But there is one common ritual of winning the golden ball spin.

You will be able to choose which number the ball starts from. Let's say you have a lucky number. And that number is seven. If you win the golden ball, you can ask the dealer to start the ball from the seven number. 

This competitive element is at the center of the rooms meteoric rise to popularity. Winning the spin is like a personal trophy - not only did you outgun your fellow players, but you also get to have your name up in lights!

Golden Ball Roulette Betting Software

Like the sound of this room? Well, there's good news: you won't struggle to find it. Extreme Live Gaming is a global software provider - so Golden Ball Roulette casino sites are not tough to find. But with so many sites stocking this game, you may struggle to choose one. Thankfully, there are certain factors you can watch out for when choosing a site. 

Promotions & Offer: Any site you choose should have an active promotion schedule. If a casino boasts regular prize draws, offers and bonuses - then it's the sign of a dedicated site. Keep an eye out for special Golden Ball offers as well - including big cash giveaways.

Tournaments: If the competitive side of this room appeals to you - chances are you enjoy the thrill of a race. Many online casinos host special leaderboard competitions where players get to race for big prizes. This includes leaderboard competitions for live dealer games.  These sites are well worth watching out for.

Mobile Casino: Playing on a smartphone or tablet is a liberating experience - especially if you have primarily played on PC. Mobile casinos are special websites that have been designed with smaller screens in mind. That means finding games and playing in your favourite live rooms is effortless. You will even find that some websites provide bespoke mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Golden Ball Roulette strategy?

The best strategy in Golden Ball is to ignore the golden ball element. While getting to spin the ball from any location seems beneficial, the end result will still be completely random. Take your time and just play the game like any other roulette table.

What is the Golden Ball Roulette return to player?

The return to player of Golden Ball Roulette is 97.30% - resulting in a house edge of 2.70%.

Can I use a Golden Ball roulette bonus to play?

Some casinos do offer a bonus to play Golden Ball roulette. On this page, you will find casinos that include the game and offer a bonus to play.

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