Lucky Star Roulette Review

The one thing you will immediately notice about Lucky Star roulette is the lack of a roulette wheel; however this modern variant with an oriental twist is a very popular game.


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Lucky Star Roulette

The one thing you will immediately notice about Lucky Star roulette is the lack of a roulette wheel; however this modern variant with an oriental twist is a very popular game. Featuring, as one might guess from the name, a star-shaped playing wheel this is an exciting and fun game that offers many different bet combinations and odds to hold the player's attention. 

Lucky Star Roulette Review

So, in this Lucky Star roulette review, when it comes to comparing this version of roulette to the more traditional table game, there is less familiarity. The betting works different, and the absence of the wheel is a big difference. However, there is a lot of fun to be had with this game. 

The Star Layout

Lucky Star roulette is a virtual incarnation of the roulette game, and the star is a computer generated interactive image. Usually presented in a circular casing that has been designed to look like dark wood, the bulk of the screen is taken up with a five-pointed star, or pentagram. Around the star, there is 40 section, and each features the commonly seen black and red alternating numbers. In the centre, you will also find the familiar green zero, and there are two identically market single 0 spaces. That is possibly where the similarity to the roulette wheel ends.

Lucky Star Numbering 

On each point of the star, the numbers run numerically from the centre out to the point, 1-4 and then on the other side of the point back into the centre 5, 6 and 7. There are the two 0 as mentioned and three green 8’s complete the central section. This means that the numbers repeat several times around the wheel. In the very centre is what appears to be a five-sided glowing green gem. Around the outside of the wheel you will see the words odd, even, black, red, and green, again this has some familiarity with the more traditional version of the roulette table game. 

The Betting Mat

On one side of the wheel, you will find the betting mat, which again entirely different to look at. Starting at the top you will find the zero, then two columns featuring the numbers. On the left working down the screen, 1-4 and on the right 5-8. Beneath this the words in and out, and finally, a series of Chinese symbols appear. This translate as the elements, so, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Soul, and just beneath this side by side, symbols representing Lo and Hi.

What is Lucky Star Roulette?

Once you are familiar with the Luck Star roulette set up, the next thing you will be asking is what is Lucky Star roulette betting all about. The game starts after the bets are placed and a light moves around the star and randomly stops on the winning number. Clearly, there are more repetitions of numbers 1-7, so the light will pass through these, and potentially stop on these more often. Each line from tip to tip, featuring nine numbers is also attached to one of the Chinese symbols, so a winning number on that line is also a winning symbol bet. 

The Bets

In Lucky Star roulette you can, therefore, place the following bets, and expect the following play

Bet TypePayouts
Green 8.1
Fire 3.95

Bet Variations

Therefore the following bets can be placed.

0: Zero appears twice and is found at the centre of the lucky star. 

1: The number one appears five times and is found at the corners of the lucky star.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7:  Each of these numbers appear five times, once on every point of the lucky star.

8: The number eight appears three times and these are found in the centre of the lucky star.

Green: Both the two zero spaces and three eight spaces appear as green numbers. 

Red: Every occurrence of the numbers one, three and six appear along the points of the lucky star and are always red.

Black: Every occurrence of the numbers two, four, five and seven appear along the points of the lucky star and are always black. 

Lo:  The low numbers are one, two, three and four.
Hi:  The high numbers are five, six seven and eight. 

Odd: The odd numbers are one, three, five and seven 

Even: The even numbers are two, four, six and eight

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Soil:  These are the five symbols which are Chinese in origin and are allocated to one line each of the five lines along the pentagram. Each line contains nine numbers.

Placing Your Bet

As this is a virtual game, to the right of the Lucky Star graphic you will find the wager amount selection which can be moved up and down to accommodate bets from 50p to £500. A bet is placed by clicking on the correct location on the betting mat and then selecting the amount you wish to spend on the dial. Above the bet selection you will find the tracking which records the winning numbers from previous games, but only during your play.

Lucky Star Roulette Casinos

Virtual roulette games are naturally cheaper to provide to customers than their live dealer equivalents, so there are lots of Lucky Star roulette casinos. It is a popular virtual table game and although there is not much in the way of similarity to other versions of roulette it is fun to play and there are lots of different bet combinations you can make. The choice of wager from just 50p makes this a great starting game, and of course, new player welcome bonuses can add free play, so can be a great way to try this game to see if you like it. 

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