Realistic Roulette Review

Realistic Roulette is a virtual roulette game developed by Realistic Games. And as you can probably tell by the name, realism is an important aspect of this European game wheel.

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Realistic Roulette

Realistic Roulette is a virtual roulette game developed by Realistic Games. And as you can probably tell by the name, realism is an important aspect of this European game wheel. Cutting edge graphics and crystal clear sounds are just one part of this table experience.

Realistic Roulette
Realistic Roulette boasts a cutting edge betting table

The second major element is the customisation options. If you want to build your perfect roulette experience, then no game features more options. You can change the length of the spin, the cloth colour, the view of the wheel - even the dealer's voice can be changed. This level of customisation is rare in a virtual game - and what makes it so appealing.

Realistic Roulette Review

Realistc Roulette review posts are generally positive across the internet. The sheer amount of options and the realistic gameplay impress critics and fans alike. And we have to agree with the praise - this is one of the finest virtual games out there. We would even go as far to label this game as a premium experience that could even rival live games.

Game Design - This is one of the best looking virtual tables - period. The graphical quality is on a whole different level to other games in the market. While you won't be mistaking this for a live dealer game any time soon - you will be impressed by the animation quality and visual brilliance.

Interface - The betting table layout will take some time getting used to. It's not as intuitive as some other games on the market. But spend enough time with it - and you will soon be placing your bets like a true roulette pro.

Gameplay - Realistic Roulette is played on a European Roulette wheel - and that means a single zero. Fans of lower house edges will certainly find this table more palatable than an American Roulette game. Other than the more favourable wheel, this is the same game of roulette we know and love - with no additional mechanics to worry about.

Payouts - With no sidebets or jackpot mechanics, the highest pay in the game is from a single number bet. A successful straight up number bet will pay at 35 to 1. The game isn't a good choice for big prizes hunters - but is perfect for roulette purists.

What is Realistic Roulette

What is Realistic Roulette? It's a virtual roulette game that tries to mimic the real life roulette experience as close as possible. And it does a pretty good job too. But it still can't quite match the realism of live dealer games - which are the pinnacle for realistic casino entertainment.

In terms of gameplay, nothing really stands out compared to more adventurous table games. This is a European Roulette game - with more favourable house odds than other wheels. But still: this isn't enough to distinguish the table from other games.

Where Realistic Roulette really shines is in its customisation options. If you are a virtual only player, then you will appreciate the sheer amount of tweaks to the game to build your own perfect experience. Don't like the way the dealer sounds? Change their voice with just a switch of a button.

Perhaps you don't like the felt you are playing on - or you don't like your view of the game wheel. Nearly everything in this game can be changed to match your preferences. Even the length of the spins can be adjusted to match your playing style. If you want a more tense build up, aim for a longer spin.

But if you want quickfire gaming round? Set it to the shortest spin time possible. This customisation alone makes this roulette game a more appealing option compared to other table games. You may even consider this table over live games! If you don't like a dealers voice in an Evolution game, you are pretty much stuck - or you will have to move tables.

Realistic Roulette Casino

Realistic Roulette casino sites are easy to find - this developer feature on many of the world's top casinos. There's just one problem you will face when selecting a casino - there's too many choices! While we have done our best to show you brands we think are the best currently available, you may want to consider some additional criteria.

Bonus Offer - The welcome bonus is always a big deal. It's your first impression of a casino after all. But don't take the bonus by face value alone.  It's essential that you also factor in the terms and conditions as well. The wagering requirements and other fine print really can impact your success with a bonus. This is why we recommend shopping around for the best deals.

Promotions - While you are shopping around, pay special attention to a casinos offer page. Once you are done with the bonus, what's next? Ideally, you want plenty of other bonuses and promos to pass the time. No deposit codes, prize draws, casino tournaments - choose a site with a packed promotion schedule and you won't feel boredom any time soon.

And finally: always look for casino brands that have excellent compatibility with mobile devices. In general, most sites nowadays have instant play lobbies that can be enjoyed directly from your favourite mobile web browser. But some sites go that extra mile for a premium portable experience.

These sites will offer mobile applications that are free to download on the app store. Simply install these on your Android or iOS device for portable gambling fun wherever you go. Realistic Roulette is a mobile optimised game - and it plays great on a small phone screen or tablet device. And if you do choose to play mobile, you also might find some exclusive bonuses and games. Some promotions even award play from mobile devices.

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