Pinball Roulette Review

Pinball Roulette is a Playtech powered virtual roulette game. It's fair to say that tradition is turned on its head in this fusion of arcade action and table game finesse.

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Pinball Roulette Review

Pinball Roulette is a Playtech powered virtual roulette game. It's fair to say that tradition is turned on its head in this fusion of arcade action and table game finesse. Yes, there is still a spinning wheel - but not in the way you would expect it.

Pinball Roulette
Arcade meets classic casino in this unique fusion

Each time the game ball is released, it will enter a pinball machine style game layout. Eventually, the ball will descend into one of the roulette pockets at the bottom. On its way down, it will hit bumpers, side rails and other obstacles - perfectly imitating the joy of pinball.

How to play Pinball Roulette

Upon heading into any Playtech roulette lobby, one question will certainly crop up. What is Pinball Roulette? And is it worth playing? In all honesty, this game is very niche. Pinball fans will simply adore this game. But exclusive roulette fans may find better options.

After every betting round, a game of pinball will be played to determine which pocket the ball falls into. Unlike in traditional pinball, there are no flippers to hit the ball back up into the obstacles or keep the ball afloat. So this is very much an observatory game.

If you do land a win, then you will be offered the opportunity to gamble your winnings in a special bonus game. And Playtech doesn't disappoint, swapping the pinball table out for a special bonus table. Here you will get to land multipliers and special bonus pockets to increase your overall winnings. 

There are four multiplier stars to hit - and each star will increase your total number of winnings. Hit all four stars and the bonus multiplier increases to 5x! But beware; if you don’t hit one of the multiplier values, then you forfeit your bets.

We like these pinball rounds - and they perfectly capture the excitement of this classic arcade game. But this virtual roulette table is a lot slower compared to rival games. 

And this is because of the pinball element - on one round, the ball was constantly bumping against the same two bumpers. And we had to wait for the ball to enter its final pocket. These moments slow down the game significantly. On one hand, pinball enthusiasts will love these true to game moments.

But if you are here for the roulette and fast paced betting rounds? Then the forced slow down may start to frustrate you. Sure, there is a turbo option - but if you feel like activating this - then there are far better options. Games like Speed Roulette or Automatic Roulette for example may be a better fit for your style of gaming.

Best Casinos to Play Pinball Roulette

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  2. Ladbrokes Casino
  3. Paddy Power Casino
  4. bgo Casino
  6. Coral Casino
  7. Betfred Casino
  8. Betfair Casino
  9. William Hill Casino
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Pinball Roulette Bonus

Pinball Roulette Casino sites are easy to find - this is a Playtech table after all. And this software provider is one of the biggest names in the gambling world. If you are looking to play this game, then we suggest looking for a casino with the following boxes ticked.

Roulette Bonus Offers - Ideally, you want value for money at all times. And some casinos will give you better value than other sites. Check out the brand's promotion page: do they have bonus codes, prize draws and other offers waiting to be claimed? If the answer is yes, then they could be a keeper.

Casino Tournaments - Virtual games like Pinball Roulette are somewhat of a solitary affair. But more casinos are promoting leaderboards which add a competitive edge to proceedings. In these promotions, the highest wagering player usually wins a real cash prize. If a casino promotes these kind of tournaments, they are worth keeping an eye out on. 

Pinball Roulette Betting Software

How do you fuse pinball with a roulette wheel? This was our immediate question heading into this Pinball Roulette review. We were soon pleased to discover that Playtech have seamlessly blended the two games into a compelling single package.

Game Design - At a first glance, this game doesn't look special in the slightest. After the game loading screen, you will be greeted to a traditional betting table where you can place your chips. Once your bets are placed, the game will switch to a pinball machine style interface. It's a surprising switch - but a welcome one. While the graphics aren't the greatest - they fit the arcade style the game is going for.

Interface - Big buttons, bright colours, minimal complication - it's a perfect score for the controls. This is typical Playtech wizardry and the table is a joy to play.

Gameplay - This is a slower paced game to your traditional roulette table. And that's thanks to the pinball sections, where the ball makes its way down to its resting pocket. If you love pinball, then you will certainly enjoy the ball's journey as it hits bumpers and creates arcade chaos. But if not - you may want to skip this game.

Payouts - Surprisingly, Pinball Roulette doesn't take place on an American Roulette number system. Instead, we have the European style - and that means payouts fall in line with this style of wheel. You can win a 5x multiplier on your winnings if you decide to engage in the gamble bonus round.

Settings - You will find plenty of options to tweak the game to your liking. One area we find confusing is the turbo spin. This option eliminates the pinball section of the game completely. If you are considering this option, then you may prefer a faster game of roulette.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Pinball Roulette strategy?

Pinball Roulette is a single zero roulette game, meaning strategies like the Red/Black system, Martingale or D'Alembert can all be used to great effect. You can also use a medium risk spread betting strategy to take advantage of the inside bets.

Can I play mobile Pinball Roulette?

Yes, you can. Most Playtech sites and games are optimised for mobile devices. But some will go that extra mile to make their portable experience perfect. Offering a mobile application for example, which can save you clicks and help you get to the gambling faster.

What is the Pinball Roulette return to player?

The return to player for Pinball Roulette is 97.30% - with a house edge of 2.70%. This is the same returns as a European wheel, making it a relatively safe bet.

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