NewAR Roulette Review

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While we are uncertain how the name ‘NewAR’ came about or its exact meaning; we do know that NewAR Roulette is among the very best RNG roulette games in the casino. Such is the quality of cutting-edge graphics; you have to look twice to check this is actually a virtual game. Let’s find out more, and reveal the best casinos where you can play NewAR Roulette.

NewAR Roulette Review

Playtech - the world’s largest online games supplier - is the company behind NewAR Roulette. It has a long history of developing top-quality roulette games, and this offering most definitely ticks all the right boxes. Whether you are a desktop or mobile player, this game warrants your attention. Check out the rest of this NewAR Roulette review to learn why.

NewAR Roulette Game Review

Visually speaking, NewAR Roulette is in a league of its own. However, it also scores top marks for its ultra-smooth gameplay and the abundance of additional bets that are available to players. Furthermore, there’s a unique NewAR bet, which we’ve not seen on any other roulette variant to date.

How to Play

The user interface for NewAR Roulette is amazingly simple. There are four main buttons: spin, rebet, rebet and spin, and double and spin. You can access a range of other bets and several statistics by clicking the icons placed in the corner. This design gives the immaculate roulette wheel and table centre-stage with minimal distractions.

On the side of the table are the chip denominations: 1, 5, 10, and 25. To start off, you must click on one of these chips to activate it, and then you can proceed to place your bet(s) with whichever value chip you chose. 

With your chips on the table, hit the ‘Spin’ button to begin the action. After the first round, you get the ‘Rebet’ options appear, and a last-ball history chart is available along with some other useful stats.


NewAR Roulette follows traditional European Roulette rules. That means it has a 37-pocket wheel with the numbers 0 to 36. The zero (0) is coloured green, and there are 18 red and 18 black pockets. 
We’ve listed below the regular betting options with their payouts and the maximum bet limit. However, you can also utilise the racetrack for called bets, including Tier, Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, and Splits, among others. 

For new players, the unique NewAR Roulette bets can be a little confusing. Shown in the table above is how they are displayed in the game’s official paytable. Potentially, this is ambiguous as you may think it means even numbers plus red numbers and the zero. Unfortunately, this is not the case; they mean:

  • All red numbers that are even (8 numbers) + Zero (0) 
  • All black numbers that are odd (8 numbers) + Zero (0) 

Both of these payout 3 to 1 unless the ball lands on zero. In that case, the payout is reduced to 2 to 1. In short, these odds favour the casino, so we suggest giving these a width berth.


Setting aside the exclusive NewAR Roulette bet; this game provides stellar value as it uses European rules. This gives it an RTP of 97.30%, which is what you aim for when playing roulette. 

Furthermore, the table betting limits cater to a wide range of players, with £1 being the minimum wager across the table; going up to £500 for even-money bets. 


We are often asked, ‘what is the best NewAR Roulette strategy?’ The fact is there is really one. Winning at NewAR roulette relies on luck - after all, this is a game of chance. However, as pointed out above, you want to avoid the two NewAR special bets because the odds favour the casino.

While there is no playing strategy involved in roulette, you can use a betting system if you desire. As the even-money bets range from £1 - £500; there is an opportunity to try the Fibonacci system of cancellation method. It’s essential to note that whatever betting system you adopt, the casino’s advantage will remain constant.

Betting Software - Our Verdict

Hands down, NewAR Roulette is one of the finest virtual, RNG roulette games in the casino. Playtech can be proud of their final product. From outstanding graphics and flawless gameplay to a rich selection of bets; this is the only roulette game you need.

The only black mark we give it is regarding the NewAR bet. For new players, they may think this bet is equal to all the others on the table, but it’s not. We understand Playtech’s desire to give this game something unique; however, it doesn’t need it because it’s already top quality.


What platforms is NewAR Roulette available on?

You can play NewAR Roulette on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Whichever platform you choose, the user-experience is amazing.

Can I play NewAR Roulette with a casino bonus?

Yes, you can. But, we advise checking the terms and conditions beforehand. Specifically, you must check the game weighting rules to find out what percentage contribution you get towards clearing the wagering requirement when playing roulette.

How long does a round of NewAR Roulette take?

It depends on the player’s betting patterns. If you use the ‘Rebet & Spin’ button, each round takes about 20 seconds to complete.

Where can I play NewAR Roulette?

Many top-rated online casinos provide this game. You can see an extensive list on this page.

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