Monopoly Roulette Review

Monopoly Roulette is a virtual roulette game developed by SG Interactive. This wheel is based on the popular Monopoly franchise. And just like the board game, you can become your very own property tycoon.

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Monopoly Roulette

Monopoly Roulette is a virtual roulette game developed by SG Interactive. This wheel is based on the popular Monopoly franchise. And just like the board game, you can become your very own property tycoon.

Monopoly Roulette
Fans of the Monopoly board game will love this faithful roulette adaptation

This is all thanks to the special Monopoly bonus, where you can bet on familiar spaces from the game. Landing on these spaces during the bonus will pay out valuable multipliers - up to 18x your total staked bet. 

On paper, this table captures the spirit of the beloved franchise with features to match. But in practice? Let's find out.

Monopoly Roulette Review

One of the best board games in the world fused with a classic casino game: what could possibly go wrong? In our Monopoly Roulette review, we playtest the game and walk you through the features, before giving you our impartial thoughts.

Game Design - This is a stunning looking table - with delightful visual touches. The wheel, for example, is decorated with the familiar Monopoly logo - albeit with a much more golden look. Then there's the bonus, which replicates the board game in perfect detail. 

Interface - Both the roulette and bonus betting interfaces are spacious, giving you plenty of room to place your bets. There are also nice big buttons for basic tasks, like removing and placing your chips. The only thing we don't like is changing the roulette table to the bonus betting area.

The option to change the table is not as evident as you may think. And you may scratch your head when first playing. But once you have figured it out, you shouldn't have any more problems going forward.

Payouts - On the roulette side, you can enjoy a maximum payout of 35 to 1 from a max bet. But on the bonus side? You could win all sorts of stacking multipliers. It all depends on the roll of the dice and where you have placed your bets.

Settings - The options menu is lacking, with settings to turn the sound on and off. And we advise you to consider this. The game features an announcer - and the novelty is pleasant at first. But you may start to tire of the same introductions game after game.

What is Monopoly Roulette

Monopoly was first shipped in 1935 - and it has gone on to become one of the world's most loved board games. Since it's launch, it has featured in films, TV shows and has even inspired slot games.

What we like about Monopoly Roulette is how true it is to the original board game. Instead of merely being a themed wheel - there's an actual bonus game where you play a game of Monopoly.

Switch to the bonus view and choose which properties you want to conquer. Then all you have to do is win a game of roulette within four spins. If you successfully do it, you will activate the bonus.

And this bonus is exactly like a game of Monopoly, complete with dice. Once the dice has been rolled, the Monopoly man will stroll around the board, awarding massive wins if he stops on one of your properties.

And with 18x up for grabs on certain streets - this game can present some lucrative opportunities. While this side bet is genuinely nice, you can just play this table as a Monopoly-themed European wheel. 

That's right, you don't even need to touch the side bet. But we strongly recommend just checking it out - SG Digital have poured their love into one of the best themed games out there.

Monopoly Roulette Casino

Want to keep an eye out for a Monopoly Roulette casino? You are in luck: there are actually plenty of sites that have this game. But that also presents an interesting problem - which one do you choose? 

We recommend adopting an entrepreneurial spirit while browsing casinos for this game. Ultimately, you want the best bang for your buck - just like in a game of Monopoly.

That means you want to be looking for big bonuses and premium promotions. But just these two things aren't good enough. You also want to pay special attention to the terms and conditions of the offer. 

Sure, you could grab a ridiculous 100% deposit match that will load your account with bonus. But what about the all-important wagering requirements? These too can affect how much you enjoy a bonus.

We also recommend carefully considering other aspects of the casino - like the customer care or the general design of the site. Both of these things can impact your enjoyment, regardless of how rewarding the welcome package is.

It's also worth investigating the mobile qualities of the site. Can you play through an app? Are there exclusive Monopoly Roulette bonus codes for smartphone players? These can also play an important part in your enjoyment of the site too.

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