Football Roulette Review

Football Roulette is a Playtech powered live dealer roulette table. As the name suggests, this room is all about the beautiful game.


Football Roulette Review

Football Roulette is a Playtech powered live dealer roulette table. As the name suggests, this room is all about the beautiful game. If you want a relaxing place to discuss football and gamble at the same time - then this is the perfect room.

Football Roulette
Love the beautiful game? Then you will love this roulette room

On a screen behind the dealer, you will be able to see upcoming matches. This includes internationals, cup games and the various football leagues. The skilled croupier is not only good at keeping the game flowing - but also indulging in some sporty discussion.

Football Roulette Review

We'll be honest: we were a little skeptical heading into this Football Roulette review. Playtech's attempt could have been a mess of cheesy graphics and over the top footie elements. But what we actually have is an intelligent and well thought out roulette game for genuine football lovers.

Room Design - Playtech has aimed for simplicity with their latest room. There are really three key elements to note.  We have the dealer, the wheel - and the large screen of upcoming matches and results. This screen and the dealer's enthusiastic analysis of upcoming games are the focal points of the room. Design wise - we give this game a thumbs up.

Betting Interface - This is your standard Playtech roulette affair. That means excellent controls and easy options to perform general in-game functions. This is a very mobile focussed layout - and it is superb to play on a portable device.

Gameplay - This is a European Roulette game - with no additional side bets or mechanics. It's clear the goal of this room isn't to innovate with new features. And in some ways, the roulette game is more of a side element to the ongoing football related banter.

Dealer Quality - By far the most impressive aspects of the Football Roulette room is the live dealer. Not only are their dealing skills impressive - their knowledge of the beautiful game is second to none. And thanks to the chat option, you can actually share in the match day conversation and discuss upcoming games.

Payouts - With no side bets or jackpot additions, the wheel pays out the standard ratios for a European Roulette game. Once again, the big prize winning factor was clearly not the objective of this room's creation. 

Settings - Playtech Roulette rooms are typically rich with features and options to customise your gaming experience. One of the most valuable additions here is the ability to tone down the quality of the stream. And this is perfect if you have a choppy internet connection or are playing from a mobile device with a poor signal.

What is Football Roulette

Football Roulette is an interesting concept. Mechanically, this game doesn't innovate in the slightest. This is a European Roulette wheel with standard game rules. Sure, there is some nice camera work and close-ups of the wheel. But they play second fiddle to the main subject: football.

This room was designed for fans of the sport who want to discuss their favourite game with like-minded individuals. And to pass the time away, the roulette game is ready and waiting. 

To aid the banter and admiration of the beautiful game - we have a rich screen filled with information. Upcoming matches, predictions, score cards - it's like your own personal Match of the Day. Of course, a bunch of results doesn't make for exciting discussion.

And this is where the live dealer comes in - who provides the final killer element for a hat-trick. You may be used to a croupier that is mostly inert, occasionally spinning the wheel and asking how everyone's day is. That's not the case in this room. The croupier here is charismatic, energetic and most importantly, knowledgeable about the sport of football.

And if you want to voice your opinions or get into a chat - the text window is only a click away. This gives you the opportunity to join the discussion. Community focussed is a rare term to associate with roulette rooms - but it's wholly justified here.

What is Football Roulette? It's a unique experiment - but a successful one at that.

Football Roulette Casino

If you are on the lookout for a Football Roulette casino, you will have no problems finding it. Playtech casinos are a dime a dozen. But if you are interested in this particular room, chances are you do have a passion for sports. In which case, we would recommend sites that boast a large sports betting presence as well.

This way once you have finished up with your gameplay in the roulette room - you will be all ready to set up accumulators for the weekend. There are also some other aspects to look out for when choosing a site with this game.

Roulette Bonuses - Does the site give you a steady stream of roulette focussed offers and promotions? You want to be paying attention to casinos that give you plenty of choice and options. This includes prize draws and other incentives that enhance your roulette enjoyment. If it is all slots related - you might want to look out for another site. 

Live Dealer Tournaments - Leaderboards are becoming increasingly popular at live dealer casinos. They add an extra competitive edge to your gameplay. And if you love your football - you know a little bit of friendly competition is always welcome.

Mobile optimised - Smartphone and tablet gambling are becoming ever popular. And Football Roulette is best experienced on a handheld device. You want to choose sites with a strong mobile focus. Some brands even have apps that can be downloaded directly from the app store. These will even feature exclusive games and bonuses to claim.

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